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About Me

Hello! I'm Dana! I am a happy married woman, and I love my husband very much. He is 11 years younger than me, and we have a great relationship. And a small daughter. (I also have two older ren from my first marriage) As a friend and lover - my husband is the best man in my life! But sometimes I feel the need for something different, and I opened a virtual world for myself. And I found my dream job! Where i can be a flaming hot sex-wife, where fantasies become reality! If you want, I can be your lover! I love unordinary fantasies, roleplays. Love to obey or dominate. Love interesting fetishes. I have so many toys for different situations. Question that gets on my nerves: "What do you do in private?" I am not a dancer, acrobat nor a monkey in the circus! Not am i a pornstar! I dont show sexual techniques withing 3-5 minutes! My show is our date together. Almost same as in real life! We must both enjoy our experience. That is my GOAL. You will be my most favorite lover, if I will enjoy spending time with you. How you will do it - up to you. If you will let me relax and please myself the way i love to do it, you will be pleased. If you want something more kinky and hot, we can come to an agreement. I want to make a point right away, that my live show - is not a relax session. And i want to note that my services are not limited to virtual sex. There are many different strange or even funny requests. All people are different. A lot of different fetishes. If a client creates an interesting game situation, comes up with a scenario, or asks me to do something unusual, I also like it! I don't need to be horny in my work all times! As a rule, this is the work of my brain, a huge creative energy flow. Most of my investment stays behind the scenes! I take care of health and beauty! I spend a lot of time and effort, so far from my family and other stuffs. I spend a lot of time and effort while streaming. You came here for a few minutes or an hour. And I come here very often and do work shifts of 6-12 hours! I work most often at night, I get tired physically and mentally. But I really like doing shows here, and I want to develop in this! I am learning English to better understand my guests and to make them understand me! I thank you, my guests, for your support and understanding!I It feeds me and energizes me! And the first thing, that I don't like - too much talking about nothing in free chat. If you like to talk a long lime, and want all my attention, then come into pvt! Its is important to respect my time. Impudence and greed doesn't make a man good! But I must mark, that men don't pay for sex with me, but for the time, that i spend with him one on one. If you came onto this site, you must to respect the format. No need to steal my time and sidetrack me from my search for perfect clients!!! This is not dating website, not a parade of brides and not the red cross!!! No need to provide me an irrelevant information about yourself. DON'T FUCK MY BRAIN! It the only part of my body that does not wish to be fucked! HA-HA.....the rest are waiting for that inpatiently. I know all of the techniques of sex, and would be so glad to spend time with you, the way you want. If i don't have any outfit at the current time, then i can have it ready for you for next time! Nothing is impossible. Prove to me, that its realy needed! So i will decide, how i will value my time, that i give to you! I don't want to hear "Cum (squirt) for me, baby!" You're used to being cheated by other models, but I don't want to encourage it! I'm not a fraud! I'm an actress, I CAN! But why? You'll think it's very simple. But you will not be able to build a normal relationship with a real woman later. A woman should not cum at the click of your fingers. Everything I do here -- I like it. I don't need to have an orgasm in every private show. And if you are so principled - you should try to be a good lover for me. So I can get more aroused. I may request additional tips for something, or increase my private price. Its all becasue, that after our active or non so standard type of sex, i will need to cut off the feed. So i can get my makeup done, wash my outfits, clean the floor and my toys, And just have a glass of water, and relax. I also ask you not to beg me to perform actions that I can't physically do or that are repulsive. As well as what is prohibited by the site's rules! Let's be respectful! Appreciate your understanding.
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