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Alexandra Steele Has Awesome Tongue Tricks!


By Promo / 4 years ago / In: General , Pictures ,



We are getting ready to dive into a series of interviews that many of the CamWithHer Models have done.  Hopefully through these interviews you will learn even more about your favorite cam girls.  If you have questions you’d like to see some of the girls reply to, then don’t hesitate to post them in our free forums.  And don’t forget to check out our Member’s Area to get your hands on even more great content and live member chats from all of these gorgeous high end models we feature.

We are kicking off this series with Alexandra Steele.  She’s a tad on the feisty side but also brings to the table her modeling experience both past and present.  Don’t forget you can catch her on CamWithHer, IC Girls, and ClassyCams.  This is only the first part of her interview … just a small taste of Alexandra Steele to wet the pallet!  You can always catch a live cam show with her if you need a quick fix.  But stay tuned for the second half of her interview soon, where we get a little more personal with her.

Alexandra Steele Alexandra Steele

Introduce yourself … who are you? What you do (model, cam girl, etc)?
I’m Alexandra Steele, a cam girl with CamWithHer!

How did you get into web camming / internet modeling?
I modeled in real life and I have a naughty side, so this was sort of a natural progression.

What do you enjoy most about your online career?
The fun, sexy guys!  And I’m a flirt in real life, so I honestly have a great time hanging with you guys!

What do you like lease about your online career?
When someone comes into the room and demands to see your ‘tits and ass’ without tipping or saying please.  Manners please!

Tell Us a Little Known Fact About You.
I did runway work prior to this.

What is the biggest misconception people have about you?
That I’ll be stuck up or a bitch because I’m pretty.

Alexandra Steele Alexandra Steele

Alexandra Steele Alexandra Steele

What makes you stand out from other online models / cam girls?
I think my personality and my legs.  Guys regularly tell me that I’m the friendliest girl they’ve encountered.  🙂  And I’m really good at dirty talk.  Some girls aren’t comfortable doing this.  I say, bring it on!!  Oh, and I can move my body!  😉

When you aren’t working online, what other things do you enjoy doing?
I’m a gym rat.  I LOVE working out!  And I volunteer quite a bit.  My way of giving back to the community.

Does your family know what you do?
If so, how did they react when they found out?  Absolutely not.  I don’t even want to think about that!  Yikes!

What has been your most embarassing online moment to date?
One time I didn’t realize that my cam was on and I hadn’t changed yet – was wearing my street clothes – when one of the guys in my room said, “You should really put something sexier on!”…lol!! I’ve made sure that I’m always wearing something sexy now, even if the cam is off, just in case!!

If you had any advice for aspiring internet models, what would it be?
Be friendly and welcoming.  All the girls are beautiful, it’s your personality that sets you apart.

What pet peeves do you have?
Self pity, poor grammar, stupidity, and rudeness

What is your favorite part of your body?
Oh gosh.  Hmm.  I love my legs and my tummy.  And my derriere is pretty cute!  😉

Alexandra Steele Alexandra Steele

Alexandra Steele Alexandra Steele

Do you have any body mods or tattoos?
If so, tell us about them.  No, not at all.

What were you like in high school?
I was very chatty (go figure!), and popular.  I also played on my high school’s volleyball and basketball teams.

What models in the industry do you admire most?
Layla seems like a really sweet girl and she’s sexy as hell.  And Monique is gorgeous!

Do you have any secret talents?  
I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue and move my toes individually.  I know, how weird is that?  I can deep throat – no gag reflex – and I can also touch my tongue to my nose.  Very useful in everyday life…lol!

What is the most interesting / odd thing you have been asked to do by a fan?
Oh gosh, there are lots.  The one the sticks in my mind is the time one fan wanted me to curl up into a ball so he could look at my spine.  That was one of those hmmmm moments.

Are you straight? bi? lesbian? all the above?  
Bi.  And truly bi – not just for show.  🙂

Tell us about your pets.
I have a cute, fluffy little white dog.  She’s so quiet, I actually thought she was a mute for a while.

Alexandra Steele Alexandra Steele

Alexandra Steele Alexandra Steele

When is the best time to catch you live on webcam (or give us a schedule)?
Usually weekday mornings.  My regulars know they can always message me and I’ll meet them outside of these times though.  🙂

At what point does a fan become a stalker in your eyes?
I’ve had a stalker in real life and it sucks, so I’m careful to ensure that I never even get close to this point.  I’d say if they repeatedly ask you to meet in person, you’re verging on stalker status.  I understand once of twice, but if you are super persistent, it raises red flags with me.

Have you ever had to deal with a stalker / faker?  Tell us about it.
Yes, for 6 months.  He was the reason I gave up my job working downtown.  The worst thing was that the police couldn’t do anything unless he physically did something to me.  Turns out he was married with 2 children and I was the 8th girl he stalked.  Wtf??  Creepy.

Do you have a message you’d like to share with your fans?
You all never cease to bring a smile to my face!  Thank-you SO much for spending time with me and making me feel so sexy all the time!  You’re the best!

Alexandra Steele Alexandra Steele

Alexandra Steele Alexandra Steele

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