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LionHead Studios you suck


By Kitana / 5 years ago / In: Entertainment ,



Warning this is mostly going to be a rant.

First off my friend and I could not get the co op to work at all. We tried everything online, only to find out its a issue with the game that LionHead out right says on their website they are not going to fix. Which is bs my friend normally plays PS3 and only got this on 360 to play with me.

Second off a lot of the quest were repeats from fable two, which some name changes and etc but still the same freaking quest.

Third the game was a lot shorter than both the first and second.

FORTH They actually shove DLCs down your throat all throughout the game. Everytime you enter the sanctuary to change weapons/etc it says to check out dlcs. And mass majority of the DLCs are stuff you get while playing the game.

Personally with them being this dicky I don’t think they plan on making a Fable 4 or even staying in business. And the PC version, people say doesn’t even work and will they fix it? No

I’m happy I got mine for free. And if LionHead ever comes out with anything else they can kiss my ass haha.

Okay now that the rant is over. Everything else is going pretty good I am looking forward to my birthday Thursday should be a lot of fun. And RE operation raccoon city is already preorder and comes out next month. So I’m happy!

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