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My first car accident!


By Jade / 5 years ago / In: General ,



Omggg I’m so shooken up. I just got in my first car accident ever and it was so little compared to most peoples stories but the guy was scary!! So I was parked on the street by my house and was pulling out. Stupid me I was hungry and craving a grilled cheese so I just didn’t look behind me I don’t know why. As I’m pulling out this huge f250 drive by at like 10 miles an hour (he was pulling up to a stop sign) and brushed up against my car. Sooo my car is a tiny lil thing compared to his monster and the bumper popped right off and the side of my tire thingy got bent. So he pulls over and he’s cussing at the air and lighting a cigarette and he looks like he’s going to murder me!!’ so I just stood there and gave him a minute to cuss it out. Once he calmed down a little I walked over and apologized, and then realized all he had was a flat tire. I know f250 tires must be expensive and the inconvenience of having to get it towed plus calling my insurance sucks, but compared to my car it was nothing! So I tried to make light of the situation and say “at least my car is more messed up!” and he started to calm down a little. I just think he blew it out of proportion a little considering he just got a flat. Gimmie a break I just wanted a grilled cheese? Hahah just kidding I’m dumb and should have looked behind me, I’d be pissed too I guess.

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