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My First Blog Post


By Jade / 5 years ago / In: New Models ,



Wooo! First one. Not that I’m new to blogging though. Prepare to step into the life of Jade! Today is pretty much a lazy day for me. I’m hanging out in bed with my dog. Last night was crazy. I went to about 4 bars (all within walking distance) and ended up at some stupid hipster bar. It was hilarious because right as we were walking up, there were two guys trying to fight each other. I just don’t understand why some people can’t have a good time. Like, do they think while getting ready “Tonight is going to be great, I’m going to fight someone!!!” come onnnnn now. Lets just all get along. Needless to say the cops were called and nothing happened of course. Oh well, I had a great time! I drank cactus coolers all night! Then we met some ex meth addict who had found god. This was the highlight of the night. He tried to analyze mine and my friends’ personalities to prove that he is a great salesman. He got us all totally wrong. The funny thing was, he was telling my other friend that he was analyzing her based off of a hat that she was wearing, but it was actually my hat. She didn’t even like the hat she was just having a bad hair day so I let her wear it hahaha. So silly! OMGGG i am craving pizza. There is an AMAZING pizza place by my house. Its the best pizza I’ve had other than the pizza I had in Florence, Italy.  Well I’m out of here for now, hope this wasn’t too boring haha.

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