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Chrissy Sparx wants to help you celebrate the Holidays – NNC style!


By bphface / 5 years ago / In: Articles ,




The world of camming would not be the same without the gorgeous women of NNC who add that special extra camaraderie and sexiness that we all enjoy so much.  NNC’s Chrissy Sparx provides a healthy dose of both elements; with her dirty mind, her diverse outfits, and her unbridled enthusiasm for camming and all those involved with it, Chrissy is an experience not to be missed.  This sexy firecracker took a break to answer some questions about her squirting fetish, her lesbian crushes, and being a Harry Potter fanatic.



Brian: Hey Chrissy!  Thanks for doing an interview!

Chrissy: Your welcome! I’m so excited that i get to do this!

Brian: You’re about to hit your 2-year camming anniversary.  How does it feel?

Chrissy: It feels weird, It doesn’t feel like i’ve been here for that long! I will admit, I have been busy and havent been on too much lately, but i’ve been working on other projects (my own personal site mostly) but i’m trying to make a huge comeback within the next 2 weeks.

Brian: So you are a self-described “country girl.”  Tell us what that means.

Chrissy: To me, when i think of the word “country” it means being simple minded, not into expensive things, being thankful for things you have and also having strong character traits, I also think it might have something to do with the family I grew up around. I think its always important for anyone to stay grounded rather then getting into materialistic things.

Brian: How did you get involved with camming?

Chrissy: I was watching MTV one day and saw “The Girls of Hedsor Hall” which Brianna Frost was on and I thought she was one of the most gorgeous girls so I looked her up online and Camwithher came up and I decided to try it out!

Brian: Were you nervous about the idea, or did you just jump right in?

Chrissy: I jumped right in at first, now as i get “deeper” into the business, i’ve been a bit nervous, i hope my family doesn’t find out. Its not so much a secret, but i’d rather just not mention it to many people.

Brian: How has the experience been so far?  Have you had any especially memorable experiences?

Chrissy: The experience has been something i wouldnt change for the world, Its been a awesome experience. As far as a memorable experience, I think my favorite would have to be my ADHD and how badly it is when I am on cam, I always do a bunch of things and forget i am on cam! whoopsies! my customers always have to tell me to keep my sound on so i know when someone talks to me!


Brian: And your favorite sexual activities or positions in general?

Chrissy: My favorite sexual activities are 69 and cowgirl. i also like reverse cowgirl and laying on my back on my partners chest.

Brian: And you have a “squirting” fetish, it seems.  What’s up with that?

Chrissy: I dont know, ever since i was 16 i have been watching porn and i came across it one day and just love it. I want to learn, but haven’t had the right guy come along that i feel comfortable doing it with.

Brian: How many vibrators does a woman really need?

Chrissy: Haha, I dont know, I only have 2 and i never use them, only for shows. I use my fingers mostly.

Brian: Word has it that you’re Bi.  Tell us a little about that.

Chrissy: I dont discriminate, I love everyone! 😛

Brian: Any lesbian crushes on the other CamGirls?

Chrissy: Yes! Brianna Frost (how could i not?).  She’s so pretty, and i dont really know her well enough, but she seems like such a sweet girl. Plus i’m jealous of her perfect boobs!  Also Hollie, Alara, Barbara!

Brian: You once wrote you’ve tried threesomes with all girls, and with 2 men.  Which was better (and why!)?

Chrissy: Girls! 110%. They are more attentive and they know what you like! 2 men was a bit too much.

Brian: I hear you like to play guitar.  Got any favorite tunes?

Chrissy: I love playing my guitar! I enjoy all kinds of music, my favorite band is A Day to Remember.



Brian: And you also have a thing for pizza.  What’s your preferred topping?

Chrissy: I loveeee pizza! my friends and family always tell me I’m going to turn into a pizza! I love mild pepper rings! They are delicious on pizza. Although I’m not too picky with pizza toppings but my pizza always has to have extra sauce on it! No Exceptions! Yum!

Brian: And what topping will never be found on your pizza?

Chrissy: Anchovies. EW!

Brian: Do you like to put toppings on your men?

Chrissy: Hahaha, no. but i do have a thing for caramel and i have always wanted to use it on someone i am with. I also have this body art stuff, its white and i got it at a sex store and it tastes like marshmallows! YUM!

Brian: What is a White Freezie?

Chrissy: Haha, A white freezie is a slurpee flavour, its actually called white cherry, and its amazing. There is also an alcoholic drink called a white freezie, which also tastes just like a slurpee! 🙂

Brian: Sporty Spice or Posh?

Chrissy: I’m a gymnast, so i have a soft spot for Sporty Spice.  But if you ask me now, Posh all the way. I would love to have her life and be married to David Beckhem

Brian: Do you really have a giant Ninja Turtles poster in your room?

Chrissy: Haha I do, and its got a giant pizza on it too, It says “say no to drugs, say yes to pizza” I used to love Ninja Turtles when i was little too.


Brian: And you’re a gamer, too!  Which ones are you most into?

Chrissy: As far as gaming goes, I play Americas Army, which is a computer game. I was part of a few clan and have been playing for close to 5 years now. As for games on xbox, playstation, etc. I love Calladooty(Call of duty), NHL 11, Harry Potter, Hitman and Rainbow Six Vegas are a few of my favorites!

Brian: Speaking of Harry Potter, which book, movie, or character is your favorite?

Chrissy: I’m a Harry Potter Nerd. My favorite movie is a tie between Prizoner of Azkaban & The Order of the Phoenix. My Favorite character is Bellatrix Lastrange. I actually am so obsessed with Harry Potter, I have all the movies in fullscreen and widescreen!

Brian: Which magical power would you most want to have?

Chrissy: I think the power to read minds would be awesome!

Brian: What’s with all the ER you’ve been watching?

Chrissy: I wanted to be a Nurse for a really long time in the ER. I now have changed my major, I now want to be a social worker.

Brian: So you’re out for a night on the town.  Who’s with you, what are you wearing, and where are you going?

Chrissy: My best friend and roommate is with me! I am usually wearing a cute outfit with some heels, and we’ll probably head to dinner and the bar!

Brian: And what do you do afterwards?

Chrissy: After a girls night out? I will probably head to bed, or study drunk (its the best kind of studying!)



Brian: Got any New Year’s Resolutions?

Chrissy: Eat healthy

Brian: Do you plan to get any more tattoos?

Chrissy: Yes, I am getting a bunch of tattoos. I just got a new one on my arms the other day, i love all of my tattoos, they each hold sentimental value to me.

Brian: Did you ever get your status changed from “DemiGod” to “DemiGoddess”?

Chrissy: Haha, i dont think i did, i never knew that was something we could do. I’ll check it out though!

Brian: Anything else you’d like to say to everyone in CWH land?

Chrissy: I’m so glad to be here. I love every one of our customers! I’ve made a lot of new friends doing this line of work.  🙂

Brian: Thanks for doing an interview!

Chrissy: Well, thank you for doing the interview with me! 🙂 I enjoyed answering questions for you all! xoxo


Come let Chrissy show you a good time at!  ‘Tis the season to give presents, so if you like what you see give Chrissy a giftcard by sending it to!


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