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Spread the holiday cheer with the lovely ladies of NNC!


By bphface / 5 years ago / In: Articles ,




In honor of this Holiday Season, we asked the NNC CamGirls to share what Christmas means to them, and some of their favorite holiday traditions.  Here’s what they said:




Q: How do you usually celebrate Christmas?

Angelica: I usually go visit my family in California but this year will be home spending it with friends, just didn’t feel like flying this year.

Bre: With my immediate family! Love them!

Connie: The family eats a big meal together on Christmas Eve. Then we open gifts at midnight. Christmas day is usually movie night with comfort food.

Crystal Sparx: I usually spend Christmas Eve with my family, and Christmas day by myself. I’ve never had the luxery of a tree but I dont need a tree or presents to enjoy christmas, its about family and building memories!

Gianna: With my Dad, Sister, Grandpa, Unlce and cousins in Canada

Roberta: Home, with my family

Sica: open presents, eat, lay around afterwards.




Q: What’s your favorite Christmas tree ornament?

Angelica: This really dorky one that I made as a kid.  Its Rudolph made out of clothes pins and horribly painted and decorated.

Bre: Mine is a cute lil snow man or something that says my name on it 🙂

Connie: All the handmade ones. They’re just that much more special.

Crystal Sparx: The one my mother in law had especially made for me and jake, now that i have my own house, i will have my own tree to put it on! 🙂

Gianna: Those folded-up cloth elves….does anyone even know what I’m talking about? 😉

Roberta: I love Red ribbons in the tree, on the doors, at my hands, on my panties

Sica: it was a deer ornament i made for my dad when i was like 4. but i dont see it anymore cause im not there.




Q: Do you put out milk and cookies for Santa?

Angelica: always!! Santa still lives!

Bre: mmm… Im naughty, I eat them before he does. Hehe

Connie: Of course! What do you take me as, someone from the naughty list?

Crystal Sparx: Hell yea! but my cats are fat and like to eat the cookies and drink the milk! I try to tell them they are for santa but they yell at me so i just give in.

Gianna: Nah, I’d be too tempted to eat ’em  🙂

Roberta: Here, in Europe we don’t have this tradition, so I don’t.

Sica: no i put out coffee and pie cause thats what i like


Crystal Sparx


Q: Peppermint candycanes or Cherry-flavored?

Angelica: cherry for sure….yummmy!

Bre: Yumm.. Peppermint ALL the way!

Connie: Peppermint. Can’t ruin a classic like that, come on.

Crystal Sparx: Peppermint Candycanes, hands down.

Gianna: I’m a traditionalist, so peppermint 🙂

Roberta: Cherry, definitely cherry

Sica: cherry


Q: What’s your favorite Christmas song and why?

Angelica: “Feed the World” because it is a reminder of how fortunate we all are and to give to the less fortunate especially throughout the holiday season.

Bre: Silent night, because it makes me go into deep thought, and reminds me of  how thankful I am for my loved ones. OR rockin around the xmas tree, because it’s up beat and fun. Depending on my mood!

Connie: Little Drummer Boy. Tragedy helps me appreciate what I have plus I think it’s beautiful.

Crystal Sparx: O’ Holy Night. I sung it for church one year and have been in love with it ever since.

Gianna: Anything by Bing Crosby, I love his voice  🙂

Roberta: Silent night; it reminds me of my childhood

Sica: little drummer boy by jars of clay




Q: “All I want for Christmas is…”

Angelica: I have everything that I need, I am so lucky! But I could always use some new lingerie!!

Bre: This is extremely hard to answer, so many things. If I wanna be naughty, I’ll say “YOU”! If I wanna be nice, I would say “Good health, good memories and good wealth to my family and I.”

Connie: All I want for Christmas is for my loved ones to feel loved! Working hard at my presents this year.

Crystal Sparx: to make memories with my family and friends, and enjoy my life. Also, to give others a chance to have a good christmas too. Oh and a new webcam please 😛

Gianna: a Dodge Challenger V8 Hemi RT in Hemi Orange 😉 😉 😉

Roberta: You! 🙂 I have everything I could ever dream of, all I need is to be health and sane in order to enjoy it all.

Sica: to be someone’s #1


Q: “Christmas is not complete without…”

Angelica: My snuggly kitty!!

Bre: HOT COCO! (From starbucks, hehe!)

Connie: Christmas is not complete without NYC.

Crystal Sparx: family and friends.

Gianna: Homemade food, family and good friends close by

Roberta: family members and presents

Sica: family.




Q: Will you be wearing any special holiday outfits while camming this month?

Angelica: When it gets closer to Christmas I will wear some festive outfits.

Bre: I do plan on getting a cute santa outfit, not a promise! But Im planning on it. Come check me out! MUAH, MERRY XMAS TO ALL!

Connie: Yes! Thinking about maybe wrapping myself up…and maybe stringing lights another night. I have a Santa baby outfit too. Cheers!

Crystal Sparx: Hmm.. You’ll have to come and find out 😉

Gianna: Maybe I’ll be a naughty little Santa’s Helper 😉

Roberta: but of course! Lot of RED, I won’t tell more, drop by to check for updates 😉

Sica: probably not.




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