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CWH’s Monique reminds us why we all secretly crave Italian!


By bphface / 5 years ago / In: Articles ,




Great beauty and class have no nationality, a point well demonstrated by MoniqueDesire!  Since first arriving at CWH a year and a half ago, this bella italiana has made a huge impression with her sexy accent, sultry wardrobe, and her “fine Mediterranean features” – not to mention her shining personality and regular forum posts that have endeared her to the entire CWH community.  We asked her to tell us a little about life as a CamGirl, her passion for shoes, and her voracious sexual appetite.

Brian: Ciao Bella!  Glad you could do an interview with me today.  So let’s start by introducing yourself to all the CWH lovers out there.  Who is Monique?

Monique: Monique is that unique woman, with fine mediteranean features, a person who knows how to be herself and who’s always keen on new life adventures that can take her anywhere.

Brian: And what does she Desire?

Monique: All the best to those who deserve it, and peace on Earth! 🙂

Brian: How did you become involved with camming and CWH?

Monique: Thru my good friend Exquisite. 🙂

Brian: Do you remember you first P-chat?  Were you nervous?

Monique: Hahaha. Yeah, I remember it. I didn’t know how to cam or act at all. It was my first time camming. It was pretty challenging, making me so nervous at that time. 🙂  But I met some good friends of mine on the site and that made me loosen up. 🙂

Brian: What kinds of things do you most enjoy doing in p-chats or m-chats?

Monique: I love teasing. 🙂  I enjoy a lot receiving “wow!” reactions, I also love having a nice  conversation.

Brian: Have you had any especially memorable or unusual requests so far?

Monique: Oh yeah…I receive all kinds of requests. Sometimes it’s just so fun to see how far the human imagination can go.

Brian: How has camming changed you or your life?

Monique: I became a more sexual person, daily hearing  so many new  things about what men desire. This became a challenge for me to learn the art of seduction day by day.

Brian: I hear you love oral.  Is it better to give or receive?

Monique: Both are making me very wet. 🙂

Brian: And your favorite sexual positions or activities?

Monique: My fav position has to be mostly spontaneous. I love to be surprised and surprise.

Brian: What outfits do you most like to wear?

Monique: I love miniskirts, minidresses, tiny bikinis, g strings, lingerie or roleplay costumes. My fav are high heels and sexy shoes.

Brian: Speaking of which, I heard you collect shoes.  How many do you have?  Do you have a favourite style?

Monique: I have countless. Sexy sexy sexy, high heels high heels high heels

Brian: You’re one of CWH’s international models from Italy.  Tell us what you love so much about your home country.

Monique: I love the food, of course. 🙂  Our history and our beautiful arhitecture, the warm people and Italian gelato. 🙂 And all the terrific places it has to offer.

Brian: And what other countries would you like to see?

Monique: I would like to visit the United States, Australia, India, Peru, New Zealand, Japan,  or Brazil.

Brian: Do men love your accent?

Monique: Haha, yeah, it’s one of the requests I receive. They love the accent and  so they ask me to speak dirty in  Italian. 🙂

Brian: What’s the one Italian word, phrase, or sentence that every man should know?

Monique: Buongiorno Principessa! (from  La Vita e bella – a CLASSIC I so recommend!!!)

Brian: And what’s the one Italian word, phrase, or sentence that every woman should know?

Monique: L’amore domina senza regole.

Brian: Did you ever get to try a threesome?

Monique: No. 🙂

Brian: And who might you want to have a threesome with (anyone from CWH, perhaps)?

Monique: With my bf and a mysterious superhero (Superman, Batman, Spiderman) lol! 🙂  )

Brian: Did you really once have sex for seven hours?

Monique: OMG where did u find that?! 🙂  Ok, well yes, and not only once. 🙂

Brian: You once said you like sex in “forbidden places.”  What kind of places?

Monique: Car, forest, elevator, beach. 🙂

Brian: Besides sex, what’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done?

Monique: My first love, singing. 🙂  I used to sing jazz music, and not only. I covered more genres, like house, pop rock, classic, and had some projects with bands, TV and bars. I also played guitar and piano.

Brian: I also heard you used to be a dancer.  What kind?

Monique: Folk-dancing. was my first job ever, dancing for international festivals.

Brian: Do you really know ju-jitsu?  Ever had to use it?

Monique: I used it a few times, haha. My father taught me, he is a Sensei. I haven’t practiced in a while though.

Brian: What is an Alfa Romeo?

Monique: LOL my car brand.

Brian: What is cremoncello?

Monique: It’s a very delicious lemon liquor

Brian: What is “Team Blue”?

Monique: It’s my team on the forums and those who want to join have to post a picture in something  blue. So join in, cause I need more guys. 🙂

Brian: Is Exquisite exquisite?

Monique: Yes, she is a very special friend of mine and her name perfectly matches her personality.

Brian: Is Italian the sexiest food?

Monique: Yes, but French and  Japanese as well.

Brian: Do you like to talk dirty?  Do you do it in Italian or English?

Monique: Yes I love it . I mostly speak dirty in  English, but i have lots of requests to do it in Italian. 🙂

Brian: You post a lot in the forums!  What are some of your favorite threads and why?

Monique: I am a curious person, and I like to read about the experiences people share on the forums.  I like the Sex and Candy thread the most, and all the funny threads because  they make me smile.

Brian: You seem to like the phrase “carpe diem.”  What does it mean for how you live your life?

Monique: It represents me. I think life is so short and every second is worth living. We only have this one chance.

Brian: Jason Bourne or Fast & Furious?

Monique: Haha It’s difficult to answer, but I would go for Jason Bourne.

Brian: Tell us what you really think about:

– Chocolate:  I love it, it’s magic

– Jason Mraz:  great great sexy voice

– Your new boobs:  love them

– Coffee:  it wakes me up

– Fransesco Arca:  very sexy guy

Brian: You’re out for a night on the town.  Who’s with you, what are you wearing, and where are you going?

Monique: I like this question. 🙂  I’m out with a very special person. I’m wearing a wonderful black dress, with sexy cleavage, accompanied by elegant high heels. We are heading to the restaurant of the Space Needle in Seattle for a romantic dinner with a breathtaking view.

Brian: And what do you do afterwards?

Monique: I show my special lover how much I appreciated the lovely evening by returning to his place for a night of passionate love making. 🙂

Brian: I love your skin!  What’s your secret?

Monique: Coffee scrub. 🙂

Brian: Do you still plan to get a tattoo?

Monique: Yes but not sure what theme. It’s gonna be forever and it needs to represent me very well, so I still need some time.

Brian: Christmas is right around the corner, and your birthday is coming up in January – are there any special gifts you would really enjoy receiving?

Monique: A very nice holiday or a  very sexy outfit maybe. 🙂

Brian: This has been an incredible year for you – new boobs, promotion to CWH, and your first M-chat, all within the past 6 months.  What can we expect from you during your next year at CWH?

Monique: I am so happy for how things are going on so far,  I like challenges and I’m always trying to come up with something new and surprising. Who knows, maybe I’ll become a brunette, lol. 🙂

Brian: Anything else you’d like to say to all your current and future fans?

Monique: Vi amo tutti! I truly love you all! 🙂

Brian: Thanks for doing an interview!

Monique: It was my pleasure! Baci a tutti! 🙂


Come check out our sexy Euro-babe MoniqueDesire at CamWithHer, or at NudeAdultCams for some extra naughty fun.  You can have access to hundreds of photos, videos, and private shows by joining her Fan Club, and if you like what you see, send her a gift card to!  

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