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Fasten your seat belts, CWH’s Devon is ready for action!


By bphface / 5 years ago / In: Articles ,



If you’re looking for a wild ride, look no further than our very own Devon!  Her unique brand of fun-loving craziness might lead to all sorts of naughtiness that runs the spectrum from dirty talk to sex toys (and everything in between!).  Underneath it all is a slammin’ body and a kick-ass personality.  You’ll never know quite what to expect, but you’ll never be disappointed.  Devon graciously agreed to answer a few questions about her addiction to Pumpkin Spice Coffee, her special box of toys, and perving on the other CamGirls.

Brian: Congrats on hitting your 2-year anniversary in September!  How does it feel?

Devon: Kinda crazy tbh! Somedays it still feels like my first day! haha

Brian: So how did you first get involved with CWH?  What made you decide to be a CamGirl?

Devon: Another CWH model and I had mutual friends a while back, I had heard about it WAYYY before I started but was a little scared. Then a few years later decided to do it! I loved the idea of being able to work from home and be my own boss!

Brian: And how has the experience been so far?

Devon: I love it! It’s definitely a learning experience!

Brian: What’s your favorite part about being on CWH?

Devon: The girls and the regs! Its a good community to be involved with!

Brian: I hear you like role-playing.  What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done?

Devon: In this business I dont think there is such thing as “strange” haha

Brian: And what role would you like to do that you haven’t tried yet?

Devon: DOMINATRIX – in real life too!  😉

Brian: Is there any sexual activity or position that you won’t try or don’t like?

Devon: I’m usually up for just about anything. I can’t say I dont like it until I’ve had the chance to try ’em all! Ask me again in a few years!

Brian: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a CamGirl perv on other models as enthusiastically as you do.  What’s the deal?

Devon: I’ve ALWAYS really enjoyed the female body and mind. I like to know how they think and work. I love the female body too, they are all super sexy! And research of course! haha Outfits, makeup, hair, etc!

Brian: Any lesbian crushes on any of the other models?

Devon: LOTS! But a girls gotta keep SOME secrets right?! 😉

Brian: What’s some of your favorite “Dirty Talk”?

Devon: When a guy whispers into your ear that he wants to fuck me hard or wants me to take it…all 🙂 Mmmm…

Brian: Someone mentioned that you have your own “Pandora’s Box” in your room.  What’s that about?

Devon: Bahhahaha! Its a huggggge ottoman that has storage in it that USED to house all my “toys.” They have now been put into a new & improved “Pandora’s Box” 🙂

Brian: Is there any object that will never be found in your collection of toys?

Devon: I’m an exhibitionist so No! 🙂  I love to try everything at least once!

Brian: You also seem to have a thing for boots.  What’s the best pair you’ve come across so far?

Devon: Oh eMM Geeee! I <3 boots! I have like 12 pairs! I LOVE my velvet thigh high 6 inch stillettos! Im actually wearing them right now!

Brian: Everyone keeps commenting on how sexy your back is – is that your best feature?

Devon: If by “back” you mean my badonkadonk – then yes 🙂 haha I also think I have a really defined back. 🙂 It’s a conversation starter!

Brian: What is a “back dimple?”

Devon: It’s the two little indents right about a girls butt, on her lower back. 🙂

Brian: You seem to change your hair all the time – blond and brunette, long and short, straight and curly.  Ever find a style you like?

Devon: I’m the type of person who REQUIRES change…often. So as much as I like them all, I will keep changing it – probably forever.  🙂

Brian: So how much do you cuss?

Devon: Every fucking other word.  😉

Brian: German Chocolate Cake or Sweet Potato Casserole?

Devon: OMG I HAVE to choose??? How about half of each!

Brian: Rough and Rowdy or Slow and Sensual?

Devon: Both! Start with one finish with the other!

Brian: Have you ever been in a situation with “The Situation?”

Devon: Oh dear god No!

Brian: Is racing in the rain an art?

Devon: Probably, but an even better book! Read it!

Brian: Tell us what you really feel about:

– Sashimi: YUMMY! Dinner 2-3 times a week if I could!

– Cake Frosting: YUKK!

– Italian Men: Tall dark and handsome!

– Mint Chocolate Chip: My kryptonite!

– Fake fingernails:  If they are short, I like them. The ones these little girls are doing nowadays are just disgusting!

Brian: So you’re out for a night on the town.  Who’s with you, what are you wearing, and where are you going?

Devon: Most likely a gf of mine and sometimes a guy. 🙂 Oh la la! Im a jeans and T kinda gal – with some heels of course! And we’re going to eat SUSHI haha or a karaoke bar!

Brian: And what do you do afterwards?

Devon: EAT!!! Cuz I’m a food whore!

Brian: We’re into the holiday season – are you psyched that the Pumpkin Spice flavor is back in coffee shops now?

Devon: Omg Can You SEE ME??!?!? Haha, I’m Drinking one RIGHT NOW!  🙂

Brian: Got anything special planned for us for your third year of camming

Devon: Just more EPICNESS! 🙂

Brian: And how about birthday plans – December 8, right?

Devon: Yes sir! Hopefully a fun themed party with a few close friends!

Brian: Anything else you’d like to say to all your fans out there in CWH land?

Devon: I don’t bite ( unless you want me too! 😉 ) Come say hi more often!

Brian: Thanks for doing an interview, and happy birthday!

Devon: Thank you Lovah! It was fun! I look forward to more!


Catch all the fun in Devon‘s chatroom at, and don’t forget to help celebrate her birthday on December 8 by giving her something from her wishlist, or sending her a giftcard to!

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