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New CamWithHer Model: Carollina


By Lena / 5 years ago / In: General ,



Hey guys!

To help kick off the weekend, we have the lovely Carollina joining us. She wrote a kick ass intro up for you guys, so I’ll let that speak for itself 🙂

Hello Beautiful People 🙂 . I am Carollina and i’m in love with life. Yes, I am one of those perpetually happy people. Haha 🙂 I am now a Cam Girl! I am excited for this new adventure, because after all, that’s all that life is, one big adventure. 🙂 I’m supposed to write this introductory blog, SO, here it goes. The top 5 well-known facts of Carollina.

1) Believe it or not, I am a very intelligent individual. 😀 Yay for smart people :). Most people find this hard to believe, but that’s just because I don’t take myself too seriously. I mean seriously, intellectuals are waayyyyy too serious, seriously. Ha :). I’m pretty much a genius in a hot girl’s bod.

2) Yes, I do use smiley faces after every statement :). I can’t help it, just let me have that one.

3) If you see me once, you will never forget me. I have long, curly, super red hair ((yes its natural)), bright blue eyes, and super light skin. Its all very contrasting, but, It totally works for me. No joke. I could never steal from Walmart, they’d know who I was instantly. Ha. But really, someone will see me for approximately 2.2 seconds and recognize me a year later. Blessing or curse? Depends on if I’m being bad or good 🙂

4) There is nothing that I love more than to have fun! I really believe that is what life is truly about. I mean, why is everyone so caught up in the technicalities of life? Its about the journey, not the destination.

5) And the last fun fact about Carolina ((for today)): I am the coolest bitch you’ll ever meet. Ha, just kidding, but no seriously. 🙂 I’m super open and can literally talk to anyone about anything. Jersey Shore, Girls, Boys, Food, Whatever it is, I got you 🙂

Carollina on CamWithHer

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