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Winter’s here, but Angelica keeps things steaming hot!


By bphface / 5 years ago / In: Articles ,



Since her debut last year, Angelica has provided that special, high-quality camming experience that we’ve come to expect from all the ladies of SNR.  From her vivacious sexuality to her trademark barely-there outfits, Angelica’s chatroom is a one-stop location for the wild and naughty brand of CamShow that few men (and perhaps even fewer women) can resist.  Angelica graciously sat down with us to answer a few questions about her obsession with exercise, her love of threesomes, and that awesome rose tattoo she recently got.

Brian: How did you first get involved with camming?

Angelica: My good friend Shanelle introduced me.

Brian: You’ve been camming for a little over a year now. How does it feel?

Angelica: I love it! I get to be sexy and myself every day that I cam. I love to glam it up and be a sexy girl and this job allows me to do that.

Brian: How’s it been treating you so far?

Angelica: Most of the guys are really sweet and respectful. Once in a while you get your disrespectful and rude guys but the sweet ones usually make up for it.

Brian: Who is Angelica, and what makes her tick?

Angelica: I really love 2 things in life: to be sexy, fashionable, feminine, womanly and taking care of myself in every way possible, and the second thing I love is the outdoors – camping, biking, hiking, kayaking, whatever. As long as it’s in the outdoors I’m lovin’ it!

Brian: Tell us about your first p-chat experience.

Angelica: I was so nervous! I didn’t quite know what to do. But I felt so sexy because I was looking really hot and I just fell into the mood immediately and I think I gave a pretty good first show.

Brian: What are some strange, and awkward things members have asked you to do in p-chats?

Angelica: I have had a few strange requests. Like to eat a goldfish, or eat anything while in a show. I can understand a banana, or a popsicle or something but not just anything!!

Brian: What kind of chats have you not tried that you might want to (shower, bed, outdoors, etc.)?

Angelica: Well I would love to try all of the above, I have a laptop so it’s all possible. Would love to hear from my boys!

Brian: What kinds of things do you most enjoy doing in chats?

Angelica: Putting on sexy music and feeling the music and seductively dancing for my show, I really feel it’s such a turn on.

Brian: I see you also do semi-regular shows with Shanelle. How did you two meet?

Angelica: Through a modeling gig in our hometown. Now I just love her! It’s so nice to have a hot girlfriend to go sexy shopping with and who I don’t have to lie to about my job.

Brian: If you had to pick one part of your body that you’d call your favorite, what would it be?

Angelica: My stomach, I have always had a toned and flat stomach and have never really had to try.

Brian: What music genres do you enjoy listening to when you’re doing your business?

Angelica: Oh, my business? LOL. I love Sade! She just oozes sexiness. Also Brittany Spears or Pussycat Dolls if I’m into giving him a little “show.”

Brian: You’ve shown off quite an extensive wardrobe in your forum pics. What outfit is your current favorite?

Angelica: I just got a new, hot bikini to wear on my Caribbean trip next month. I’ll have to post it in the forums. It’s hot pink with black lace and is super hot and tiny.

Brian: Can’t wait to see it! What has camming meant for your everyday life? How has it changed you?

Angelica: I feel I have become a more sexual person. I think about it all the time!!

Brian: Speaking of which, got any interesting sexual fantasies?

Angelica: Well I have had a threesome with a guy and a girl several times, but I have never been with 2 guys. I think it would be amazing to be devoured by two men!

Brian: And your favorite sexual activities or positions?

Angelica: I love 69ing, I could do that for hours and hours. My favorite position is reverse cowgirl, so I can be fondled by you as I ride you.

Brian: What are of your biggest turn ons?

Angelica: A guy who has a nice, tight booty in a nice fitting pair of jeans, mmmmmmmmmm. That gets me going every time. Also, slow, soft kisses on my lips and neck….makes me melt.

Brian: Who is your ideal significant other? What are some features they need to have?

Angelica: Looks, personality, etc. I love the dark, ethnic look, dark features, manly and strong. Not too buff, but strong and athletic, so he can protect his woman! :)Someone who is funny, sincere, real, down-to-earth, romantic, manly, and who treats me with love and respect.

Brian: I hear you like to exercise – what’s that all about?

Angelica: I have been teaching aerobics for many years and I am pretty much addicted. I need to work out every day!

Brian: Is exercise really good for your libido?

Angelica: Heck yes!! Are you kidding? I feel like a teenage boy that just entered puberty!

Brian: And how many calories does sex burn?

Angelica: In an hour, usually about 50.

Brian: I also hear you like travelling. What’s the most exotic place you’ve ever visited?

Angelica: I love traveling!! I would have to say Brazil was my favorite! So diverse.

Brian: Do you prefer Sweet talk or Dirty talk?

Angelica: Well sweet talk first, and then when we are getting naughty , dirty talk.

Brian: Hot bod or brains?

Angelica: Can’t I have both? If I had to choose it would be hot bod and I could be his teacher.

Brian: Did you really once give your boyfriend a BJ while he was driving?

Angelica: Yes, I know, bad girl.

Brian: Doesn’t sound too bad to me!  So tell us what you really think about:

Thigh-high: Boots! Soooo hot!!

Threesomes: Amazing and fun!

Enrique Iglesias: OMG!! I would die to be with him!

Anal Sex: I like to go there when I am really horny!

Brian: So you’re headed out for a night on the town. Who’s with you, what are you
wearing, and where are you going?

Angelica: I’m with Shanelle and some friends, we have matching outfits on, (yes we do that). We are wearing mini dresses and thigh high boots and we are going downtown to some dance clubs to get our freak on!! I love to dance with my girls!!

Brian: And what do you do afterwards?

Angelica: Pass out around 3am.

Brian: I totally dig your rose tattoo! Do you have plans to get any more?

Angelica: I think that was enough pain for a while. 8 hours of pain!

Brian: Ouch! Thanks for taking some time out for an interview. Anything else you want to say to all the CWH lovers out there?

Angelica: I love everyone in this community! Everyone is so sweet and helpful! It is the greatest job in the world!!


Visit Angelica’s chatroom at, and don’t forget to check out her Fan Club while you’re there for all kinds of sexy photos and vids.  If you like what you see, give her something from her wishlist, or send her a giftcard to  All wishlist spenders get a special video and fansign!

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