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traveling & whatnot


By Cara Lee / 5 years ago / In: General ,

Cara Lee

Cara Lee

Been taking any chance I can to get outdoors as much as possible before rainy season comes. It’s been so beautiful this fall and I’m trying to take it all in. The week before Halloween I made my way up the coast for a visit to the bo-dunk town where I used to live. I haven’t been up to the North coast in a really long time, so it was somewhat of a trip down memory lane. Weaved through the mountains and redwoods for hours, took my time making stops along the way to my favorite vista points. Surely had to pay a visit to the largest (by volume) tree in the world ‘General Sherman’ as well. It’s fascinating just walking along the trails with the sunlight barely peeking through the trees and how it highlights the misty fog. With no need to rush I was able to relax and enjoy the scenery. Once I finally made it to town I was pretty exhausted but got that wave of excitement to see old friends, some I hadn’t seen in a few years. 1st thing I had to do was go have some drinks with my bestie who just turned 21! 🙂  The rest my time was spent visiting and catching up for lost times.

Since I’ve been back home I’m working on catching up my assignments and making some tweaks to my ed plan. It’s kinda silly but I get so anxious and excited every time my enrollment appointment gets closer to choose classes for next semester. No matter what though I have to get the sculpture class, only 1 class available for the semester  with 20-25 openings! Other than that I’ve been looking at places this weekend, so far they haven’t been too impressive. I don’t know if bars on all the windows are supposed to make me feel safer or recognize it’s located in a sketchy area. Either way I need to find something decent soon and put down a deposit before I go out of state next month. Crunch time ooh yeah!

Have a good night cwh friends 🙂   I’ll be online sometime in the next few nights (sorry so vague), so come stop by to say helur!  XOxo

here’s a couple Halloween pics I got after going out & from my trip <3




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