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The CamGirls share their Halloween experiences!


By bphface / 5 years ago / In: General ,



In honor of this year’s Halloween, we asked the CamGirls to share their thoughts on Halloween, including their favorite candies, the costumes they wouldn’t be caught dead in, and the joy of dressing up in sexy outfits once a year (like they need an excuse!).

Valentina, the Dark Angel


Q: What do you like most about Halloween?

Valentina:  The Fall foilage, carving pumpkins (I carved my first one this year! Came out so good!), and getting to wear a ton of crazy makeup without looking like a weirdo!!

Lily:  Stalking all the Slutty pictures over the next few days that girls post on social networking pages. 🙂 haha & seeing how awesome most parents are to dress up with their kids!

Angelica:  That I get to dress up in a sexy and slutty costume and it’s socially acceptable.


Q: What is your favorite Halloween costume?

Valentina:  I love my polar bear costume. It’s sexy and keeps me so warm!

Lily:  Anything that someone put ALOT of thought into – instead of just going out and purchasing something.

Angelica:  My friend has a sexy blue angel costume and I want it!


Lily, the officer in charge


Q: What is the weirdest or most interesting costume you’ve ever seen?

Valentina:  This 8 foot tall mechanical wolf! It was soo creative and seriously
creeped me out bc it was such a huge costume! I don’t know how the guy wore that
thing all night!

Lily:  I dont think you can be too weird on halloween, but awesomest costume was a
little boy who dressed as the kid in Where the wild things are, and his parents dressed up as the monsters in the book. It was adorable & well put together!

Angelica:  I saw a hairy crotch costume at the store and it was called “Anita Waxing”, so hilarious!


Q: What costume would you never want to wear?

Valentina:  There are too many I haven’t worn! I’ve never been something scary (ever!) so I want to do that. Really, the only thing I wouldn’t want to wear is something cliche and perverted.  ;D

Lily:  A nun costume. I feel like I would be burned in my sleep for wearing it! haha

Angelica:  Anything conservative.


Angelica, the pirate


Q: Can someone ever be too old to go trick-or-treating?

Valentina:  As long as you’re dressed up, I don’t see why you would be too old! Last time I checked, there is no age limit on candy!

Lily:  We’re never too old for candy!

Angelica:  Yes, a little weird when I get older kids at my door.


Q: What piece of candy did you most hope to see in your basket at the end of the night?

Valentina:  OMG, reese’s peanut butter cups! So tired of going out at 2am to get
those to satisfy my cravings so it would be nice to have a huge stock of them!  ;D

Lily:  Skor bars or heath!

Angelica:  Reese’s! the best!!!!


The ladies are always on the lookout for new costumes for next Halloween, or even for your next p-chat!  Feel free to make requests, order items off of the CamGirls’ wishlists, or send them a gift card at!

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