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Kandy Halloween 2011 at The Playboy Mansion


By TriciaXO / 5 years ago / In: General ,



Happy Halloween from the Haunted House at The Playboy Mansion!

I hope everyone is ready for Halloween! I got my Halloween partying out of the way over the weekend & now on actual Halloween I’m just gonna give out candy to trick or treaters. I went to The Playboy Mansion last night for Kandy Halloween, which was quite an adventure! I did my own makeup, which took longer than expected and I barely made the LAST shuttle of the night to The Mansion! Phew! I normally end up going to functions at The Playboy Mansion by myself and last night was no exception. Of course I know a ton of people there so I run into all my friends there at the party anyways. But at first last night it seemed like I wasn’t gonna see anybody I knew. The place was packed! There were so many amazing costumes & it was a young, hot crowd! As I was standing in line at the bar I spotted two girls dressed up as Barbie. One as the original Barbie Doll & one as Barbie from Toy Story 3. I complimented them on their costumes (cuz I LOVE Barbie & all fellow Barbie girls!) & the one girl who was Barbie from Toy Story 3 like, grabbed onto my arm and wouldn’t let go. I didn’t know what to do, or what to think because the girl was super hot, but I kept thinking, “Why is she touching my arm like that? Is she hitting on me? Is she ever gonna let go of me?” LOL She finally unhanded me & I took my chance to escape but not before getting her name, because she looked so familiar to me. Lindsay Lohan walked right by me while I was searching for my friends. She looked surprisingly beautiful. Guess she’s out of jail! I finally found my friends & my girl friend & I snuck onstage & crashed the Party Rock while LMFAO was performing. We were kicked off by security after about one song, but hey, it was worth it! As we were making our way through a sea of Party Rockers on the dance floor a girl’s rhinestone garter belt hooked to my fishnet stockings & I had to rip myself away from her, tearing a hole in my stockings. Oh well, guess I’ll have to get new ones! At the end of the night I left my friends, who were content to sit in their cabana most of the party & took a dip in the world famous Grotto! I make a point to do so every time I visit The Mansion. As I emerged from the grotto with wet panties & stockings I stood around & mingled with other party guests as the crowd departed from The Mansion in droves, as it was closing time. At this time I met the gentleman who constructs Playboy’s Haunted house every year (who was hanging out with Pauly Shore’s brother) and he invited me to their crew afterparty at The Mansion. I also ran into Barbie from Toy Story 3 again & learned that she was a Playmate! So, I stayed at The Mansion a little longer & the creative mastermind behind Playboy’s Haunted house took us on a behind the scenes tour of the Haunted house! That was really neat because I still don’t know if I could ever find the courage to go through it while the actors are inside it scaring people! I’m a wuss when it comes to haunted houses! But it was really cool to get the tour! I’ll try to work up my gusto & maybe I’ll have the courage to go through it next year while it is in operation! Also, I got to take a really neat picture of me inside the haunted house. I will share it with you here!

It was a different experience going to The Playboy Mansion & not trying to look pretty. You know, most of the girls there do. Everyone is so concerned with looking good & being seen, it was liberating to be there in full scary facepaint. People toldĀ me I scared them, which I took as a compliment, because normally my physical appearance doesn’t evoke fright & I got lots of compliments on my facepaint! Even my friends didn’t recognize me! Well, one friend did at the end of the night & I don’t know how she did but I was amazed! I didn’t get any candy at The Mansion this time. : ( Boooo! But I had some the very first time I went to The Mansion, which was Halloween of 09′. So, I guess that one special candy was all I needed! I also sadly didn’t see Hef this time or either of his boys. But I did see some really neat new monkeys there! The likes of which I have never seen before, anywhere! Still don’t know what kind they were but they were just the cutest little things with long rat tails. Everybody was calling them “bat monkeys” cuz they said they looked like bats. All in all, it was another stellar night at The Playboy Mansion! Great, beautiful, sexy crowd & a lot of fun, positive energy! I always meet the best people through Playboy! I had a great night with my friends & I even made some new friends! I hope you all have as happy of a Halloween as I’m having this year! And I hope you get lots of treats & don’t get egged! I hope you enjoyed my Halloween blog as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you!

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