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Moving Day Nightmare


By Vera Baby / 5 years ago / In: General ,

Vera Baby

Vera Baby

I was royally fucked over. Had the worst moving day of my life.

So… That awesome apartment I told you guys about that I wanted so badly… They declined my application and refuse to tell me why. That’s fine though, I still had a little time after that to find a place… and I did.

It was the top floor of a house. Great space, beautiful kitchen, yard, the whole deal. So… I applied… and to top it all off, I applied with my realtor and used my Dad as a cosigner. So let me tell you what happened…

Filled out the paperwork and everything was looking great. My realtor told me there was no reason I would be declined. I had 3 days to be out of my apartment. My realtor kept trying to contact the realtor who was offering the property and he told us that he would be meeting with his client (owner of the house) to give him the paperwork and see if I can move in. However, he decided to wait until moving day. So… I sat around staring at my feet waiting for the call. But of course I had no choice but to pack my things… so I did.

So everything was packed and I was calling my realtor to find out what was going on… He hadn’t heard anything and was trying to get through to the other guy, but he kept turning his phone off. Then I get a knock at my door and my landlord is telling me I am supposed to be out the door by 12:00 … it’s 11

So, I decide… whatever.. I’ll get the moving truck over here and we will load it up. Call my Dad.. and he is already pissed off because he took the day off work to help me move, and was hoping to still put some time in… had been awake waiting to hear from me since 7am.

Finally my realtor hears that the other realtor has met with his client.

We are loading stuff into the truck and my Dad is yelling at me. I’m so stressed out I’m literally in tears. We get the truck loaded with all of my stuff (I have a massive 2 bedroom apartment… it’s a LOT of stuff) and then I get the call telling me I was declined. Why? Because I’m only one person… WTF DOES THAT MATTER? If I have to money to pay for it why the fuck does it matter?

I didn’t get the house. I’m fucked. I have nowhere to go


Now my Dad is even more pissed off asking where we are gunna put my stuff… we can’t leave it in the truck… He needs the truck for work. There’s no space for my stuff at his house… there’s hardly space for his stuff at his house

So I decide to go talk to my landlord. Trying my darn hardest not to ball my eyes out I tell her what happened and ask if it’s possible to extend my lease. So they do a check up on me and see that I’ve always paid on time and I’m a good tenant. Decide not only to let me stay, but show me three different apartments and offer me reduced rent if I’ll stay. lol

So we moved everything out of my apartment… then moved it all back in. And the entire time my Dad is shouting at me telling me how much money he lost because he couldn’t work.

So I had a place to put my stuff… and they are offering me apartments… I guess that’s good news. But I wanted to move so that I could live closer to my parents and it doesn’t fix that problem. So they told me I can look for other apartments… but they need to know in a week if I’ll be moving or if they will be signing me onto a new lease.

I’m in my old apartment living out of boxes
It fucking sucks

I saw a place I applied for today though that’s HUGE. 3 bedrooms and all three bedrooms are bigger than the average master bedroom. The smallest bedroom in that apartment is the size of the master bedroom here… and I thought my apartment was big. Hope I get approved, but if I get declined… I’m moving into another apartment here.

I guess wish me luck. Hopefully this wont be another nightmare


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  • Cassandra Riva

    Vera, that sounds awful! I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all that. Moving is stressful enough under the best of circumstances, with all those flakes you dealt with and then your dad taking his own stress out on you… I’m proud of you for remaining as strong as you did, and getting your apt back to tide you over! 🙂

    It’s funny (in a frustrating yet ironic way) that they are holding the fact that you are one person against you. I seem to remember a few movies and/or tv show storylines where people pretend to be married together for just that (stupid) reason – to get the apartment/house/whatever! It’s like, would the owners rather have two flakey people than one good tennent with an excellent rental history??!?!?! grrrr.

    Hang in there! I firmly believe that the right home and the right people find each other, and it eventually becomes worth all the struggles it took to get there!

    Good luck sweetie!


  • Hollowed

    Thats horrible. Im sorry for your horrible day. I personally hate moving, its like the worst thing next to painting for me.