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Lingerie, licking, and laughs with CWH’s Ariana Loken!


By bphface / 5 years ago / In: General ,



All of us at one time or another have seen ads for individuals “looking for a good time,” but if you’re really in the market for one you need look no further than our very own Ariana Loken!  With a hearty laugh and a smokin’ body, Ariana’s chat room has something for everyone, and she never disappoints.  We asked Ariana to tell us a little bit about being a CamGirl, her love of oral, and her encounter with Howard Stern.

 Brian: You’re a relatively recent arrival – how does it feel to be a part of the CWH community?

Ariana: I love it here! Everyone has been great! Some of the most beautiful women are here!

Brian: How’d you get involved with CWH?

Ariana: Well the sexy Megan told me about it.

Brian: Any especially memorable experiences or strange requests so far?

Ariana: There have been but I’m gonna stay hush-hush, lol.

Brian: You do a lot more with your tip options than most CamGirls.  How many options do you have now, and why did you decide to make so many?

Ariana: I believe I have 34 different tips.  I wanted to make tips fun – fun for me, but more importantly, fun for the people who tip! So I came up with some and then I would ask my fans what they wanted see as a tip. After all I aim to please!  😉

Brian: For those of us who are not yet initiated, tell us a bit about some of the more interesting or unusual ones:

Cockpop – I was in a sex shop and saw this lollipop but in the shape of a cock. I thought “This would be great for camming.” So I suck on it when tip or give my famous BJ 101 class, lol.

Petting the Starfish – Some people have an obsession with the “starfish” so for those that are I turn around, bend over and pet it.

Teamwork Tips – I created these tips so that people could all pitch in to help make a tip happen instead of one person forking out all the dough. Sometimes some people don’t have enough in their accounts and they both wanna see the same tip so they work together “as a team.”

Brian: It seems like every time I check the Teaser Thread I see you in a different bikini.  How many do you have?

Ariana: Oh gosh I don’t know. A lot…I love bikinis! Plus it’s summer!

Brian: Any other special outfits you particularly enjoy wearing?

Ariana: The “quick release” thong! It is the best thong in the world! I also enjoy my Princess Jasmine costume, but you’ll have to wait for that until Halloween. 🙂

Brian: Have you ever had a man successfully eat the candikini off of you?

Ariana: Are you offering?

Brian: What is “Slut Mode”?

Ariana: Slut Mode is when I get totally slutty! I talk dirty, get topless and well…. you’ll just have to cum check it out.

Brian: What’s the story with those sexy photos of you and Megan?

Ariana: Ahhhh yes…. that was a fun night…… I have to say I did enjoy making those pics.  😉

 Brian: Will we ever get to see you two together in the future?

Ariana: Maybe…….

Brian: What is “Would Ariana Rather…”?

Ariana: There is game I found called “Would You Rather” and it’s a blast! So when thinking of fun things to do for my m-chat I thought I would play that game with the members, but instead call it “Would Ariana Rather”. I give the members a choice, for instance,  “Would Ariana rather have bigger boobs or a bigger butt?” I write down what I would rather have and then the guys have to tell me what they think I would rather have. If the majority gets the answer right I take my top off…. if the majority gets the answer wrong, top stays on.  :p

Brian: How’d you wind up on the Howard Stern show?

Ariana: I emailed them and emailed them until one of the producers returned my email and gave me a webcam audition.

Brian: Is Howard’s crew really as weird as they sound on the radio?

Ariana: Everyone was really nice and professional. I had a great time and it was a great experience. Plus I’m a little weird so I fit right in lol.

Brian: Would Ariana rather have sex with Howard Stern or Hugh Hefner?

Ariana: Howard Stern

Brian: Rumor has it you love oral – is it better to give or to receive?

Ariana: No rumor it is the truth!  Well it’s always better to receive, but I’m a giver and love to please my partner.  🙂

Brian: Did you really used to be a ballerina?

Ariana: I did. I was a ballet dancer for 14 years. I was really into it. It was my childhood and I’m grateful that I got to do it for so long. It taught me discipline, responsibility, and did wonders for my body. I will always love it…..

Brian: I love when you do different accents.  How many can you do?  Is that a natural talent, or did you have to work for it?

Ariana: Lol…. I may do different accents but I don’t necessarily think I do them well lol. I have no clue how many I can do. They just come out! The one I would really like to get down is Australian…. Crikey!

 Brian: I’ve never seen anyone laugh as much as you.  What’s the deal?

Ariana: I just love life! What’s not to be happy about? I’m alive and healthy… everyday is a gift.

Brian: Tell us what you really think about the following:

– Superhero movies – Fun!!!!!!

– The quick-release thong – Yessssssssssss

Masturbation –  Two Thumds way up!

Brian: So you’re out for a night on the town.  Who’s with you, what are you wearing, and where are you going?

Ariana: My sister is with me, I’m wearing a sexy dress, and we’re going to the club

Brian: And what do you do afterwards?

Ariana: Nite nite…. sorry guys… you won’t be coming home with me. That has to be earned.

Brian: Are you high on life?

Ariana: Yep!

Brian: Looks like you have a birthday coming up in November.  What’s the one item off your wishlist you’d most like to receive?

Ariana: Hitachi!!!!! But really anything would be awesome!

 Brian: Do you think you might start a Fan Club or do some Zip Sets in the near future?

Ariana: Yes it is in the works.

Brian: Thanks for doing an interview!  Anything else you’d like to say to everyone?

Ariana: When I’m good I’m very good, but when I’m bad I’m better.  😉

Stop by Ariana’s chat room at CamWithHer and ICGirls.  If you like what you see, show her your appreciation by getting her something off of her wishlist or sending her a gift card to

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