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TGIaF (“a” = almost)


By Cassandra Riva / 5 years ago / In: General ,

Cassandra Riva

Cassandra Riva

…or as I like to call it, “Weekend Eve” !  🙂 🙂


It’s been one helluva busy week (and today, quarterly taxes, oh joy! haha), but this weekend I’m looking forward to finally getting some quality time on NNC to have some fun with you guys!  I’ll hopefully get to sneak in a little lunch rendezvous again today, too.


So my weekend plan is to put in a few hours at work, and hopefully a LOTTA hours here, but I was also invited to see a movie.  I don’t normally go to the theater just to see any ol’ movie anymore, I don’t have that kind of time/$,  lol.  Usually I just watch movies at home and only see the big blockbusters in the theater.


However, the idea of sitting back and relaxing for two hours in a cool, dark room and being entertained (hey, that sounds a little like here, no wonder I love it! lol), is very tempting.   So I’m thinking about going anyway, for the relaxation and entertainment. Now the question becomes: Apollo 13 (action/thriller/sci-fi)? Or Straw Dogs (super-creepy looking thriller, but it looks like it may have a bad-axx ending with the underdog main character going ballistic on the bad guys)?


Or maybe I’ll just stay home and watch a movie and have a few drinks, perhaps have a friend or two over? 




If you have any fun ideas for the weekend, feel free to let me know!



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