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Shoot day and the “SEAGULL STORY”


By Alba / 5 years ago / In: General ,



So today I had an amazing shoot at the beach…. I think the photos could end up in a magazine, thats how good I think they came out. Very classy, sexy and fun. 🙂

So anyway, we got to the beach… I noticed there where mostly all old guys sitting at the beach.. just guys, no girls to be seen where we ended up putting down our stuff. So anyway, we started our shoot right next to our stuff… all good. The guys where watching and what not which I didnt have a problem with. Then we decided to do another outfit… so as I was changing I noticed one of the guys taking a video of me or something. Which I didn’t mind either. I’m pretty sure hes gonna go home tonight and rub one off. Completely understandable! lol So then we decided to change into another outfit… so we decided to go to the rocks which was about roughly 20 feet away if that! I noticed one of the other guys stand up as I was shooting( I was watching them, they knew each other) walk by where our stuff was and point at it. (I had my purse there… which I didnt think to take because I was gonna make sure I watched noone went near it). So all of a sudden they keep talking and walking closer to the blanket…( pretending they’re looking for something) and im like theseee mother fuckerrss! I mentioned to the photographer what they were doing… So i told him they were trying to steal something. So we decided to head back… Because I wasnt gnna let no mother fucker steal my stuff. I would have chased a guy and beat their ass… lol as little as i am! haha. So we go back… and they’re still pretending they’re looking for something and they go like… ohhhhhh a seagull took something of yours and dropped it on the grass so we are just looking for it! I was like YEAHHH OK! sureee im gonna believe a seagull wanted one of my earrings to eat?  I didnt see no mother fucking seagull go near the blanket the whole time I was shooting because I was watching you too low lives trying to steal something from us! Losers!!! This world is so full of shitty people its not even funny! but anyway… they didnt end up getting anything from us…. only because I was very aware of my surroundings. Call it paranoia … but hey it worked. lol


Lesson of the day… be very very very attentive of your surroundings because honestly living in this world is probably worse than living in hell. 🙂 I sometimes rather live in hell. lol

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