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Newsletter: August 6, 2011


By Kaylee / 5 years ago / In: General ,



When you first discover CamWithHer, one of the quickest things you will realize is we have quite the diverse selection of jaw-dropping models. It can be difficult to get started because in the beginning of your journey here, you know nothing about the models except their astonishing physical appearance. So, why not get started by finding your perfect type to turn you on and fulfill your deepest fantasies? This can be the type you usually would go for, or maybe a fantasy girl that you have always wanted to be with but have not for whatever reason.

At CamWithHer we have models from all around the globe with a wide array of nationalities and accents to drive you wild and make your time spent here even better. We have the girl next door type who make you want to pull out the voyeur in you and peek inside their window. The best thing about those sensual neighbors is they want you to believe they are innocent and pure, but you know they have a wild and naughty side ready to emerge. Maybe you have different needs and simply want to choose between your angel baby or your dare devil, your blondes or your brunettes, your college girls or working ladies (Librarians, Secretaries, Flight Attendant, Cops, Firewomen, Superheroes, etc).

Among those looks, we even have your fetish models who can be ready to dominate you and treat you like the slave you are, or maybe you like it the other way and you demand they submit to your highness and prepare to be up for anything and everything. It is possible you even like to role play and act out your deepest desires, you are safe to do that here, everything is between you and the model you are camming with thus it is your very own safe haven to act out your fantasy without judgment.

Of course, maybe you just want to make a friend and seeing a sexy model makes it that much better. The girls are here to speak with you, just take them into a private chat or VIP chat and you can talk with them about anything your heart desires, watch them get down with some naughty webcam moves, or a combination of the above suggestions. It really is up to you, there is always mutual respect here, and our models are here not only to entertain, but have fun! They can have fun with you, just as you can have fun with them.

Remember that all of the models here at CamWithHer come with their own personality, so if one of them does not work out for you, you can always try another. Trust us when we say that your perfect playmate exists somewhere on our cams page, you just have to find her!

So what do you have to lose? On our website we have several different venues for getting to know our perfect models and viewing them. Below are just a few of the many that we offer you and most of these are FREE!

Private Chats, VIP Chats, Voyeur Chats: Here you can chat with them, view them on their webcams, and show them your webcam, too, if you want! Sometimes we hold site-wise events which can be a different theme, free cams, or both! Remember you can also tip the model whether they are online or offline.

Forums: Some models have their own specific forum section, but here you can chat with them via any topic you choose, or by using Private Messages (If you are a paying member, make sure your forum account gets upgraded for free by posting here!). You can chat with our members of our community this way, too! We hold contests often!

Blogs: Among with authors posting, and staff posting, our models post about their lives here and different website events they plan on participating in. You can get a lot of good information here, and you can leave comments! Yes, it is likely you can see videos and photos here, as well as new model introductions.

Clips: See clips the models post themselves, v-logs, m-chat snippets, and more! We try to keep the clips section pumping with new videos for you, do check us out! Here you can find photos and videos (m-chat archives, too!) by any model you want. Not all models have zip sets up, but the ones that do work hard not to disappoint. There are descriptions in the file so that you know what you are getting before you get it, plus sample photos and videos!

Members Area: Here you can get a discount on all p-chats done on CamWithHer, view exclusive photos, sexy videos, wallpapers in various sizes, memberchats, memberchat archives, and more!

CamShowsOnly: This is for our models that have their own solo websites. Basically, you get to see their memberchats and archives for free as long as you have a membership with CamWithHer. Just put in your password here! Or, you can get a membership with CamShowsOnly and see our archives, as well! The solo models are allowed to get more explicit if they prefer.

Memberchats: We hold them 5 days out of the week, plus bonus m-chats at random times! You can chat with them in the memberchat room, as well as other members of our community. You get a full hour of steaming hot sexiness, and what you see depends on who you watch! Every night is different and catching the models live is the best, but if you must miss out, remember there are archives!

Fanclubs: Not every model has them, but several do. You can view exclusive diary posts, recorded chats, photos, and videos to any girl you desire! You can choose to subscribe to one fanclub, or you can subscribe to ten; your options are limitless! Hint: Look for the golden star on their profile photo on the cams page!

Private Messages: Can be done in the model chat rooms, through model profiles, or through the forums! As long as you are not breaking any rules, you can talk about anything and everything one-on-one with your favorite models!

What are you waiting for? Join our members area and get a FREE p-chat account now! Our models can not wait to meet you, greet you, entertain you, and turn you on like you have never experienced before. Yes, it is that amazing, but do not just take our word for it, try it out for yourself, our models never disappoint!

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