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Upper lip sweat!


By Ling / 5 years ago / In: General ,



Dont you hate that?! Wait, I am not the only one that gets that right? lol Everytime I talk about this upper lip sweat, people give me this weird ass look. Actually people always give me that look. 😛 That is the one spot that I sweat profusely! It is quite embarrassing! I always try to find some discreet way to wipe it! It could be that mysterious funk that I am trying to pinpoint! Hey, I am human, I sweat, I smell, I can have bad BO when I dont have proper hygiene! lol I am not superior to anyone else and am not gonna act like my sweat smells like freshly baked cinnamon rolls! Oh how I wish it did though! So if you love me, you gotta accept that I sweat, and my upper lip gather sweat bullets. Sweat bullets full of beauty, acceptance and love! Now who wants in on that upper lip sweat action 😉

Like this:

  • Evan

    Your sweat is sexy though 😛 And I imagine its a lovely kind of B.O 😀 Me wants some of that action 🙂

  • Vera Baby

    lol. you are adorable! I want some of that action!