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Bobbi’s Ramblings…….


By Bobbia Mars / 5 years ago / In: Entertainment , Events , Girl Stuff

Bobbia Mars

Bobbia Mars

Okay well let me tell you about my horrible ordeal yesterday. I am not really into sports but my girlfriend persuaded me to go to a Padres game yesterday. I went to a football game with her earlier in the year and it was fine….but no one told me HOW FUCKING TERRIFYING PETCO PARK IS!!!! The rows are so steep!! I am terrified of heights and get very dizzy! Thanks goodness the stadium was not crowded and the seat next to me was empty, because I was hanging onto it for dear life. I seriously didn’t relax until the last half hour of the game and even then I wasn’t completely relaxed. I held the seat next to me(number 11) so close that we really bonded during the game, I didn’t want to leave him at the end! I will always have this photo to remember him by:

I’m so out of touch with sports that I kept accidentally calling the Padres the Chargers and the Patriots the whole day….. OOOPZ

View from stadium:

Here’s a pic I took of today’s mackerel sky:

Here’s a pic of my ‘satanic’ earrings:

I had my cat smog tested AGAIN today, luckily I passed this time. Went in last Thursday and took the smog test…and failed. So then I needed a $200 dollar repair in order to pass(which you must do in order to register a vehicle here/keep a vehicle registered) and I was told that it still might not pass, and if it didn’t I would need a new catalytic converter. 😛 Looks like I don’t need one now though! 😀 Here is a neat lily pad table I saw in a home decorating magazine in the smog test waiting room. Weird how my last two blogs have pics of tables in them both now….

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    I’m just glad to hear that your not leavin…