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avada kedavra


By Hannah / 5 years ago / In: General , Updates ,



HARRY POTTAHHHHHHH outfit. I can never get clips to embed in here for me for some reason.

Obviously I went to the Harry Potter midnight showing and dressed up! haha it was fun. I enjoyed the movie and it had some super cool parts. However it was not amaaazing like I had hoped/heard about. I eventually upgraded to a thick tree branch for a wand instead of my chopstick hahah.

I brought back my fanclub and put a few of the outfit pics in there for fun. I added about 30 new pics, so mosey on over there if you want to see 🙂

I now have a

    memberchat on Sunday the 24th, at 10pm!

I may include my glow in the dark paints for this one, as they have been sitting around unused for so long. Plus it’s fun to make a mess and turn all of my furniture into accidental art right? haha

I dyed my hair a bit darker/more natural. Now I’m all confused cause it’s so inbetween and I’m usually either super blonde or brunette. I want to go darker but waiting for the right time (ahem Fall..) but I’m not sure if I can wait that long. Or maybe I’ll add highlights to bring it back up a bit I JUST DON’T KNOWWWW

Like this:

  • JohnyB

    Thumbs up for dressing up! Its good to hear you had fun times.That spell sounds deadly.Did a lot of folks were dressed up for the show?

    Wowza, your fanclub is back! What a mighty update, all the fans will be jumping up and down out of joy. Is it selfish, to want my bank to work on sunday now?

    On top of that you have an mchat too woohoo. Lots of spoiling for the fans.

    Your hair looks beautiful, maybe you can use the big brunette wig if you feel the crawing for dyeing the hair faster. Wow, lots of updates.