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Tia works out hard outside of chats, and makes you hard inside them!


By bphface / 5 years ago / In: Articles ,



While some things change, CWH continues to attract the finest women on the internet.  For evidence of this, one need look no further than our very own Tia!  Although she hasn’t been here very long, Tia has already made her mark on the CWH community with her own devoted fan following.  Her sexiness and seduction on cam is matched only by the intensity of her workout program behind the scenes that has produced her signature physique.  Tia kindly took some time out to answer a few questions about camming, her love of fishnets, and dressing up as Freddie Kreuger for Halloween.

 Brian: Hey Tia!  Looks like you’ve been camming here for about nine months now. How has the experience been so far?

 Tia: The experience is great!  I have met some amazing people. 🙂

Brian: In a few words, tell us who Tia really is.

Tia: I’m fun, sexy and genuine.

 Brian: Did you always want to be a CamGirl, or did you have other ambitions growing up?

 Tia: I always wanted to do modeling. 🙂

 Brian: So how’d you get involved with CamWithHer?

 Tia: I had a friend tell me about it and once I saw the site I loved everything about it – very classy girls and the admin is awesome.

 Brian: Tell us about your first p-chat. Were you nervous?

 Tia: OMG I was terrified!  What if he doesnt like me?  He was a gentleman though and it went very smoothly. 🙂 

 Brian: That’s good to hear.  Any especially memorable experiences or strange requests?

 Tia: A few odd ones.  Some people have a feet fetish or spit, but nothing I can’t handle. 🙂

 Brian: Have you developed any lesbian crushes on the other models?

 Tia: Thats not fair!  All the girls are BEAUTIFUL!  But Nina’s face is flawless.  🙂  Shanelle’s personality is my fave, Layla’s boobs I’d die for… So umm yes a lot of lesbian crushes.

 Brian: Which of your features drives men most crazy?

 Tia: My eyes.  Guys say they get lost in them. 😛

 Brian: I can certainly understand!  And which drives women most crazy?

 Tia: My lips.

 Brian: I wonder how you know that…  What outfit makes you feel the sexiest?

 Tia: Probably my fishnets.  🙂 Or as most guys know, I love when I’m in normal simple clothing, so my sexy outfits are a tank and a pair of panties. 🙂

 Brian: I’m sure I’m not the first to comment on your physique. How hard is it to maintain that look?

 Tia: Never easy, but gym 6 days a week and a clean and healthy diet!

Brian: You must cheat sometime, though. What’s your favored snack?

 Tia: Chocolate!  🙂 It’s the key to my tummy!

 Brian: Would you blow off your workout routine for passionate sex?

 Tia: Well, I am very dedicated to the gym so that’s a tough one.  But if I do it’s a damn good cardio workout. 🙂

 Brian: I don’t doubt it!  But do you really eat oatmeal with peanut butter?

 Tia: Ok, creepy – how’d you know that?  lol

Brian: Besides working out and being a camming goddess, what kind of activities do you like to do?

Tia: Love to be outside.  I like running by the water, and I like to cook and shop. 🙂

Brian: What’s the one activity or hobby you would never want to do?

Tia: Hmm, thats a tough one.  I like to do alot, but probably read, lol.  SORRY lol.  I love to be active and always on the go.

Brian: Describe your ideal man – does he stimulate your your mind, your body, or your funny bone?

Tia: He stimulates my body.  He needs to make me feel like the sexiest and let me know how much he wants me.

Brian: What kind of movies or songs do you like, and why?

Tia: I love comedies and romance. 😛 For music I love ALL music, but I definitely favor dance music the most!

 Brian: What’s edamame?

 Tia: Soy beans! 🙂 It’s one of my faves.

 Brian: You’ve got gorgeous skin – what’s your secret?

 Tia: NEVER sleep with your makeup on.  Tanning I don’t do much of – I like to mystic if I want some color. 😛

 Brian: I heard you are a natural blond. Think you’ll ever go back to that someday?

 Tia: It’s hard to say… I love my dark hair.  I feel exotic and super sexy, it makes my eyes pop, plus if I tried it it would totally fry my hair.  🙁

 Brian: We certainly don’t want that.  Speaking of frying, why’d you choose Freddie Kreuger for your Halloween costume?

 Tia: ‘Cause i wanted to be something no one else would be and sexy too!

 Brian: Looks like you succeeded brilliantly.  What are your sexual fetishes?

Tia: I like to dress up before the bedroom fun begins – makes me feel sexy as ever in bed.

Brian: So let’s say we’re in p-chats. What will you do to get me turned on?

 Tia: I’m a girl – I can think of a few things.  😛 Come find out!

Brian: Any other preferred sexual activities or positions?

 Tia: Reverse cowgirl.  I like to take control.

Brian: I’ll bring my saddle.  In the meantime, tell us what you really think about the following:

Pancakes – I think of Sunday mornings. 🙂

Men in uniform – If I see a man in uniform, I’m on the ground drooling.  Mmm, so sexy.

Coffee – Don’t go a day with out it!

Pedicures – Love being pampered and spoiled.

 Brian: You’re headed out for a night on the town. Who’s with you, what are you wearing, and where are you going?

 Tia: Probably to a club or a downtown bar.  I’m wearing something sexy.

 Brian: And what do you do afterwards?

 Tia: Go home and play some more. 🙂

Brian: How’s your FanClub coming along?

 Tia: It’s going good!!!  Still getting a hang of it all, learning how to adjust pix, etc…

 Brian: Did I hear something about possible bed or shower chats sometime in the near future?

 Tia: Absolutely, once I get my laptop.  🙂  Still working towards that!!!

 Brian: Got anything special planned for your one-year camming anniversary in October?

 Tia: You know, not yet!  But I’m hoping to celebrate it just like my birthday!  

 Brian: I’ll bring the whip cream and cherries!  Anything else you’d like to say to your current or future adoring fans?

 Tia: You guys are awesome!  I have so much fun with you guys!  You’re what makes me love my job!  🙂 xoxo

Tia’s waiting to play with you at CamWithHer and ICGirls.  Help Tia celebrate her upcoming CWH anniversary by buying her an item from her wishlist, or by sending her a gift card at

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    Great interview! Tia is definitely my favourite model here.

  • Tia

    omg just sen the responses thanks guys 🙂 xo