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By Hannah / 5 years ago / In: General ,



i accidentally fried my wireless router yesterday ARRRG. my internet has been giving me messed up DNS errors over and over this past week so i’ve been doing a lot of cutting the power source/restarting/etc. my modem and router were unplugged at their power source in the back and when i went to plug them back in.. and i accidentally switched their DC plugs. the more powerful one for my modem made my router go BZZZT BZZT BZZT and i was like oh shit!!! unplugged it asap but it was too late. faaack. now i can’t play online on my ps3 T_____T

speaking of which, i am addicted to one of the games from the PS Plus free section. when they just released the “welcome back” package there was a game called Vector TD available for free, and of course i downloaded all the free ones lol. Turns out this one is like a tower defense game *UNG UNG UNG* i love those way too much. just like Comet Crash, which is essentially a tower defense game too. i don’t know why i love them so much but i do lol.

ALSOOO if you have PS3 you might not be aware of this trick.. as i found it out on my own but can imagine it’s not widely published online cause it’s basically like stealing? lol errr… but if you have a friend with PS3 and they bought games on the ps store, you can have them add an account to your ps3 and log in to it and download whatever games they have already bought on the store to their account on your system. whatever they download to their account will ALSO show up on yours. so with the new welcome back package i picked my 2 games, and my friend picked the other 2 games.. we download them on each others system and we have them all.
so if you have a friend who already has a game you like, you could ask them to do this on your system. BUT IT IS ALWAYS NICE TO PAY FOR THINGS. YOU KNOW. STEALING IS BAD!! PAY FOR YOUR STUFF!!!

oh and i got a new bikini, more pics in fanclub later today 🙂

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  • JohnyB

    Sucks for the router. May he rest in peace in the router heaven. You will get a better one.

    Havent played, Vector TD, but have Starcraft TD. Seems i cant overcome lvl33, well i reasonbly better when i started could get past 7lvl. Comet Crash looked colorfull at the thread in the forum.

    Maybe u should sell that idea to someone. You still have the Hannah Macquiver spirit 🙂

    You are looking beautifuly sweet.