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Housewarming surprises, car troubles and embarrassing photos….


By Bobbia Mars / 5 years ago / In: General ,

Bobbia Mars

Bobbia Mars

Boo.   I was on my way to, guess where, Starbucks, when my (automatic)car stalled when I came to a stop.   It started back up again instantly thankfully.   A  long time ago it stalled for no reason, and again tonight.   I’m gonna have it looked at tomorrow….whatever the issue is I want it fixed ASAP because I don’t need to stall going 70mph on the freeway or something.    I’m gonna try to take my car to these Armenian guys….only problem is is that there are two repair shops RIGHT next to each other and I can’t remember which one belongs to the Armenians(I’m mostly Armenian so I am basically going to try to use my ethnicity to my advantage, it’s worked before!).    Neither place has the last names of the owners listed and they all have American-sounding first names BUT… in one of the reviews an owner was described as wearing a shirt unbuttoned to the stomach, showing off a very hairy chest.   Sounds Armenian to me!   So I’m going to try that one tomorrow….

Wanna see some embarrassing pics of me??   Here’s me at the zoo trying on some headpieces…. and then there’s one of me at a birthday party.   It’s also a pic of me at my heaviest: 165lbs!!! Gah never again!










The other day my friend C invited me over to her new place.   She was just expecting me, but I knew she would love it if some of our other good friends came.   So I decided to turn our get together into a mini surprise housewarming party.    I told C I’d pick her up for work and decided to hide our other friend D in the backseat under a blanket but then I remembered…. don’t my backseats have trunk access?   So I cleaned out my trunk and informed D that she was going in it.   We left her head out in the backseat and covered it with crap to hide it, and then when it was time she surprised C by reaching out and grabbing her a few minutes into the ride.    D screamed and unfortunately kicked my car into neutral, luckily we weren’t on the highway or anything!   It was great!   I managed to sneak another friend into the apartment later on.   😀







And btw, I’m a brunette now.   Evidence:

Like this:

  • admin

    Rarely does a blog post catch my attention but you always get me every time. Love the effort put in to your blog posts…seriously.

  • Bobbia

    Thanks! 😀

  • You just blew my mind!! 😀