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By Bobbia Mars / 6 years ago / In: General ,

Bobbia Mars

Bobbia Mars

I’m really starting to get into coffee….always loved the smell of it but would NEVER drink it.    Now I am.   I definitely prefer iced stuff, lots of caffeine and chocolate flavors.    I am a MAJOR chocolate fiend, anyone who knows me knows that about me.    When I was younger I went through loooong periods of time in which I ate nothing but chocolate(I do not recommend this lol, it was extremely unhealthy and I struggle with sugar addiction   So yeah, it’s only natural that I prefer chocolatey coffee drinks.   😀   You can probably tell I just had coffee with this rambling, schizophrenic blog post.   (A big iced cocoa cappuccino!!)


I think I’m going to start making most of my own cam outfits.   There’s so many things that I want that they just simple don’t make.   I’ve been making a lot of sketches, I’ll be gone most of next month but after that I’m going to start executing my ideas.   When I stripped in clubs more often I made a lot of my own outfits, girls were always asking me to make some for them but since I have no idea what I’m doing and put my shit together with minimal skill I would never actually feel comfortable making outfits for anyone else lol.    I can’t wait, I think you guys will really dig the stuff I have in mind.   😉


Btw, you know that ‘retro’ idea about communicating with two cups and a string?   It actually works!!   My gf and I were working at the peepshow yesterday and we decided that we were sick of paying our cellphone bills….so we wanted to try out an alternative.    We used two plastic beer pong-eqsue cups and dental floss(we had no other string).   At first it wasn’t working, but a customer walked by and said we were doing it wrong, we couldn’t let the string slack and hang on the floor, the string had to be touching nothing but the cups.    So we did that and it worked!!!     Who knew…..  We figure, if we learn Morse code we’ll be able to ‘text’ through our cups.   Just no long distance.   And by no long distance I mean nothing longer than 6 feet……  :/


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