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Sydney’s new pussycat!


By Sydney / 6 years ago / In: General , Girl Stuff , Pictures



Hey y’all!

As some of you have noticed, I have been absent from chats for a few weeks. I’ve had a pretty bad month. I’m not gonna lie. Lots of challenges in my personal life, in addition to the death of my beloved kitty Zoey, have caused me to crawl under a rock and hide from everyone. I visited my family for a week, and while I was in my hometown we went to the animal shelter just to “look.” And guess what? I saw a kitten who is a Zoey look-a-like and HAD to have her!! She is soo cute. I’m sure Zoey is looking down from heaven like, What the fuck!!! because I replaced her so quickly. I just couldn’t help myself lol…

I have felt totally fat and fugly lately, soo I’ve started the “Paleo diet” as well as a daily cardio routine. What’s Paleo diet you ask? Basically, humans have been eating a certain way for thousands of years and then the industrialization of farming happened and now we are all a bunch of fat fucks who eat retarded amounts of sugar and tv dinners etc. The diet makes you eat like a caveman: meat (red white and any seafood), eggs, vegetables (no potatoes beans or lentils), fruit (especially berries), nuts (no peanuts or cashews), olive oil, minimal fruit juice, water and tea,  and honey is the only sweetener allowed. Absolutely NOTHING processed or man-made such as bread and pasta, and 99% of all grocery store aisle foods. If you travel along the perimeter of a grocery store it’s easy to avoid all the aisle crap. Some people debate whether or not dairy is allowed on the Paleo diet. I read that if dairy is to be eaten, then it has to be full-fat milks and cheeses, plain yogurt (not the sugared-to-shit Yoplait kind!) I actually freaking LOVE this diet so far. I am a big bread and pasta eater but I don’t crave it AT ALL now that I can have bacon and fill up on lots of meat fruit and whole milk (something I haven’t allowed myself to eat since I was a kid) and some cheese. It’s not like the Atkin’s Diet, where u can just be a total fat lard and eat as much bacon and shit as u want. The idea behind this is portion control. I’m not sure if coffee is allowed but UHH I gotta have it so thats really the only cheating I do, since I need 2 tsp of real sugar in it, and instead of Coffee-Mate I use whole milk. Yum! I feel like this is a diet/lifestyle I could stick with, except of course the No alcohol part. I’m a big time boozer so I’m sure I will just ignore that part of the diet when I feel like partying lol. I mean at least I’m making an effort… Also I would like to add, that my grocery bill was AMAZINGLY smaller, plus I’m not eating out 3 times a week anymore so thats like another 300 a month right there. You don’t realize how expensive commercial crap like chips and sodas really are until you switch to veggies and water and real meats. Woohoo more money for sexy clothes once I lose the muffin top and jiggly arms!!!! Rejoice!

Hope to see y’all soon in pchats!


Sydney (& Gracie hehe)

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