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By Countess / 5 years ago / In: General ,



A happy story about kittens. By me. 🙂

My aunt occasionally encounters a litter of kittens from the wild cat population (she lives on a sheep farm). Luckily I was around when the most recent litter appeared. I guess they were about 6 weeks old? She has a (neutered) pet cat and they’d started stealing the food from his bowl. The feral cats do this sometimes too but they are too smart to do it any time other than the middle of the night. The kittens weren’t so smart! We managed to catch them with a possum trap (the cage door swings shut when you step on a panel on the floor). By baiting it with a bowl of stinky cat food.

I was really nervous when I took them home because they were so hissy and violent but after a few days they settled down. They really missed their mum because they were a bit young to be seperated but I was NO possible way of catching mum! Anyway, after a few days they were almost tame and then a few more days and they weren’t scared of me at all and a few days after that they were actively coming up to me for pats and hugs.

Unfortunately I couldn’t keep all four of them so I gave two away and kept two. The two that I gave away both went to great homes with loving families who wanted indoor cats. I’ve been texting back and forth with them and they are both really happy with their little ones and plan to get them desexed and registered soon. I have to do that with my ones too.

So here are my new pets! Buttons and Trollcat:

Here’s trollcat… trollin’ (dammit, that was MY glass of water):

It feels so good to have actually done something about these little guys and avoided another feral generation. After about a month my aunt decided to start baiting the trap for mum cat so that she can get her desexed. Although her idiot pet cat has gotten caught in it about 10 times already. Hopefully soon we can solve the kitten problem once and for all!



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  • JesseJo

    Omg, they are so cuteeeeeee !! I want one toooooo !!