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By Hannah / 5 years ago / In: General ,



so the other day i was awoken by a glass shattering explosion, my friend forgot to turn off my stove top and had set a glass casserole dish on top the burner unknowingly. it overheated in one spot and exploded all over the kitchen. thank god no one was hurt.. that could have been disastrous 🙁 i broke down thinking about what could have happened. my little one could have been killed.

soooo as i was cleaning up all the glass shards, i realized there were pieces stuck down in the gas tubes on my stove- NOT GOOD. so i grabbed the vacuum and was cleaning out all the pieces. i took off the top cover for the stove to get all the tiny pieces and.. SURPRISE. there was a dead mouse inside with a toooon of mouse poop all over. i was wondering what the weird ammonia/cat pee smell was whenever i would turn on my oven. HMMM. and on top of that, lol he died clinging to a wire inside. his body was wrapped around it so i couldn’t pry him off. so i had to grab some wire cutters and cut the mouses arm off so i could finally get him out of my damn stove.

so i survived that fiasco, but now i’m sick and on top of that my wisdom tooth is giving me hell! my jaw is swollen and i certainly can’t eat very much, i have been stuffing my face with aleve to make it tolerable lol. it keeps getting infected though, i really can’t be without insurance anymore. it’s always somethin! lol

Like this:

  • Hollowed

    Wow you cant make this stuff up.

  • JohnyB

    That is insane! Luckily no one got hurt. Plus you have to go through such an yucky experiance omy.
    Get well soon 🙂 Sending lots of sunshines your way.

  • admin

    Sounds like a fun day!

  • Poor girl…I have had the exploding casserole dish on the stove happen…and mice under my front steps…but not all in the same day…Positive Vibes for you xoxo!