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CWH’s dominator of Sex and Candy. Yes, tis the Megan!


By Metalfreak / 6 years ago / In: Articles ,



Like a kitty cat, Megan is always on the prowl seeking for attention. Whether you have some crazy fetish, or like to debate, Megan will fulfill your needs while you fulfill her’s.

Den: If you had to explain to someone who you are, what would you say?

Megan: Oh gosh. Hmmm. Lover of life, overly-sexual, attention seeker, kind, honest, open, free-spirit.

Den: What in a man really turns you on?

Megan: Personality wise, confidence. Physically, big hands!

Den: What turns you off?

Megan: It’s a huge turn-off when a a guy doesn’t insist on paying for everything.

Den: When off cam, what do you like to do in your free time?

Megan: I love to go out and dance with friends, I’m a big hookah fan (flavored tobacco), and when I feel like staying in I eat sunflower seeds and watch movies.

Den: What got you into camming?

Megan: An agency sent me an audition for a camming site. Looked like fun, so I auditioned and made it.

Den: How, and when did you find out about CWH?

Megan: I was at Playboy’s Beach House in October and I met this beautiful, sweet girl. We started talking about our jobs and she told me she works for CWH and loves it! I checked out the site and saw that all of the girls were REALLY beautiful and it is some-what of an accomplishment to cam on here. I was definitely up for the challenge, so I sent in my application and got accepted!

Den: Have any of your customers asked you to do something a bit strange?

Megan: Oh yes! I attract the kinky ones! One guy had a cussing fetish, so for about 10min. I sat there swearing. LOL Another guy wanted me to act like a dog and gave me commands to bark when he wanted. I don’t think he had a fetish for dogs, but for humiliation. If only he knew it was actually turning me on! hahahaha

Den: Anything humorous ever happen to you on cam?

Megan: I’m pretty clumsy and sometimes when I am in the middle of a sexy dance I trip or fall. LOL!!!

Den: What are some music artists, or bands, you listen to when you’re all sexified?

Megan: I love Beyonce, Rhianna, and Britney Spears. Their upbeat music and sexy lyrics make me want to flip my hair and grind on my chair.

Den: What type of music do you really dislike?

Megan: Country…sorry. :/

Den: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Megan: Hmmm I’ve had a foursome, that’s kind of kinky, right? I also love being tied up, choked, slapped, ect.

Den: What movies get you all sexed up?(besides porn,………or anything with Jason Statham!!….I know how much you love that guy….)

Megan: LOL! You know me too well!! I just watched Black Swan and it had a hot lesbo scene that got me pretty wet!

Den: What is your favorite position during sexy time?

Megan: Doggy!!!

Den: Out of all the camgirls here, what one do you think you relate to the most?

Megan: Hmmm I’m not sure. Everyone’s pretty unique and there are some girls I can relate to in one area, then not in the next.

Den: You’re really active on the forum, especially in the “Sex and Candy” area. What has been your favorite thread you’ve started so far?

Megan: Oh gosh! There’s SO many! I just wrote one about funny things we use to think about sex when we were younger, and everyone’s answers were so funny! I was really glad I came up with that one.

Den: If you could drop someone head 1st on a pile of thumb tacks, who would it be?
Megan: I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Den: Thanks for doing this interview. Do you have anything you want to say to CWH’s masturbation nation?

Megan: Thank you for letting me!!
Would you like a hand with that???

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