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Being an adult sucks sometimes


By Hollowed / 6 years ago / In: General ,



There are certain times i wish i was still a kid if not for any other reason than to get back at kids these days. No instead i have to be the responsible one and either ignore them or go to their parents. I’ll give you a two examples.

A few weeks ago i was driving in my work van heading for my next job. Now everyone knows of the vans that have the seats in the back that face the traffic directly behind them? Yes? Okay good. So i’m driving along minding my own business jamming out to some Justin Beiber when a van pulls in front of me. Low and behold there are two people in the back facing me. After about two minutes of driving they start to flick me off and make dumb faces at me. Now the irresponsible part in me says…”Oh yaaaaa? TAKE THIS! *finger*” But no, oh no i cant do that. Not only am in a work vehicle and in uniform i’m also almost 30 years old. So i have two choices either ignore them or do what i can only think of that would make them mad for not sinking to their level of idiocy. I smile and wave. Its one of those cases where you would of had to of been there to see the reaction of these two 20 something year old morons.

Another example

I am once again at work on my lunch break a few months ago. So i stop at a very nice park that sits right on the river. People are launching boats off the ramp, people are sitting on the dock fishing, playing tennis and having lunch at the tables. Anyways i decide to use the facilities. As i’m finishing two little kids probably around the ages of 11 years old walk in goof off a little bit all the while giggling like a bunch of 7 year old girls. So i’m sitting there minding my own business once again and i hear them whisper and the next thing i know an empty Sunny D bottle comes flying over the door and hits me in the face as it bounces off the wall. They run off leaving me thinking to myself…”What in the hell just happened here?”. As i’m leaving i see the two kids on the dock running back and forth, yelling and annoying the hell out of everyone there trying to fish. So once again i have what i want to do, which is casually walk up to the dock and as they run past me “accidently” push them into the river. Then i have the thing i don’t want to be which is being responsible. Seeing as i am in uniform once again and a responsible adult, i do the only thing i can do. I flippin tattle on them to their parents. It was so satisfying to hear the father yelling at them as i casually walk back to my van.

I still wish i could be a kid for these two simple examples.

Like this:

  • Evan

    Corporal Punishment was a good thing back in the day.