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By Countess / 5 years ago / In: General ,



Feeling a lot better today! Yay! I got my chicken soup and everything and now I am a happy panda (or happier at least, still got a bit of a cough)… I also just tried to spell the word cough as couch. That’s a worry. Anyway, I’ll be on Camwithher till 5pm Aussie East Coast Time (that’s another 5hrs from now when I am posting this blog). I figure if I post it on here then I *have* to do it. See? Clever.

I bought a new car yesterday. I don’t know if many of you knew what car I had before, but it was a bomby old Ford Falcon ex-taxi with a billion km on it and guzzled petrol like nobody’s business. I don’t know why I ended up with such a bogan car, this is what happens when you rely on your friends to get you good deals with cars. Well, anyway, now I have a Hyundai Excel (little red two-door) and it apparently will use 50% of the fuel that the falcon did. So there you go, I just made petrol prices go down to half-price in my own little world. One of the reasons I had the big car before was because it was a good highway car. But since I moved, I am doing decidedly LESS highway driving so its much better having a small, zippy thing. Also, it can take a toe-bar (and a bike rack by extension) so its still equally useful. And apparently its a teenage-girl car. I’m not a teenager anymore, but it fits much more than the bogan car did.

Also I got a new travel mug for my tea, its lovely. I let here best portable generators so you can learn more about that!


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