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Rat Terriers


By Kaylee / 6 years ago / In: General ,



I’m definitely supposed to be in bed right now, as it is way past my bedtime (is this becoming a trend with my blogs? lol), but I got distracted.

You all know that I like to research things .. sometimes really random things, and sometimes just something in particular I’m looking for, but tonight – it was Rat Terriers.

I really, really, really love to read about Rat Terriers. I have two of them, as most of you should be aware of by now if you have talked to me before, but I seriously love them to bits and pieces, and reading about them just makes me happy — like I’m getting to know them even more, and realizing all the special things they do.

My dogs are actually Teddy Roosevelt terriers, but most people don’t know what that means — basically, there are two different kinds of Ratties, Type A and Type B — mine are the type B’s, which have also been called short-legged Rat Terriers, and Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terriers. Teddies are shaped differently but have the same character traits plus a few different once .. they often weigh more, have shorter legs, and stockier bodies.

I prefer the Teddies. Snickers found me, but I rescued Peppermint from a shelter, so I had set out looking for a Teddy .. hoping I would find one, as they are not as common as Type A Ratties.

It is amazing how Snickers had such a horrible past, how he was left to die, and was greatly abused, yet he has opened his heart up to me and has become my best friend. Nobody has a bond with him quite like I do — I am his favorite person. We have been through a lot together, through rough times and good times, and he made me realize just how much I love the breed, to where I just had to have another one! It has worked out perfectly between him and Peppermint. They are brothers, best friends, and simply adore playing and being with each other. Pepper is so sweet, it’s amazing how fast he won me over to him. He is so funny, makes me laugh constantly everyday doing his silly little things, and is so amazingly smart and attached to me. He makes me feel loved, and I know I make him feel the same way.

When you have Ratties, first thing you have to realize is that they are big dogs in a little body. They think they are 10 foot tall and bullet proof! They often have two sides to their personality, one that is more rambunctious and playful, and one that is sweet as can be and wants to be your lap dog. A Rattie is an inside dog, but LOVES to play outdoors. You will never see a Rattie turn down an opportunity to play or get some exercise! While they have tons of energy, they will gladly sleep beside you, in your lap, or in their special spot when the mood calls.

With Ratties, you should expect to always have little pitter-patters of feet behind you wherever you go. Oh yes, once a Rattie wraps his paws around you, that’s it, you are his and he is your new shadow. They always want to be involved, they wait outside the door when you are in the shower or come in there with you, they follow you around back and forth when you are putting away laundry, and they are always ready to spend time with you, no matter what! I could go on forever about them, but I’m starting to sound like I’m trying to sell you one, lol!

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