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Art + Disney Movies


By Kaylee / 6 years ago / In: General ,



You want to know something? Well, I have always loved Disney movies ever since I was a little girl. I wasn’t a completely frilly little girl, I spent a lot of time with my oldest cousin (male), doing a lot of tom-boy things. He was my favorite person, so I wanted to be just like him, even though we were different genders. It wasn’t until I got older that I started getting more frilly. Even then, I still loved my Disney movies and wanted to watch them all the time. That, and the Wizard Of Oz .. my all time favorite movie back then, haha! Anyway, I still get extremely happy watching my cartoons (I LOVE Looney Toons & Care Bears), and my Disney movies, of course!

Anyway, I’m a very artistic person and love to check out other art by people, and tonight I was looking at digital art. I am especially envious of people who can draw animated creatures! Traditional art, too, but I have a soft spot for digital art. I really wish I knew how to draw like that! For them, it seems to come so naturally. I can draw things if I set my mind to it, but it’s not my strongest suit, at all .. and I find faces to be extremely difficult lol. Nonetheless, I am a fast learner if it’s put in front of me exactly what to do. I can’t help but feel such extreme envy though, like I sincerely admire people who are able to do this. I find it to be such an incredible talent, I’m just blown away by it!

Most people probably feel this way about music. I mean, I sure do wish I could sing! I can’t carry a tune, although in my head I sound magnificent! Haha! My dogs tell me otherwise, even they look at me like I must be crazy.

I wish I could share my photography with you guys, but most of them are of my family and I don’t feel comfortable posting them here, I know that they would not appreciate it, and some of it wouldn’t be allowed anyway. When I take photos of something NOT people-related, then I’ll share!

Hope you guys are doing well!

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  • Exquisite

    Can t wait to see themmmmmm!!!<3