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By aymee / 6 years ago / In: General ,



So lets see…

from the last time I updated…

I said I was having a bad week. I got in a car accident. Not my fault. I was just sitting there and a cyclist hit the back of my car. Ended up getting a new one 🙂 Been ordering a lot of body jewelry. Thinking of getting some cute shoes tomorrow. I got my tax return 🙂 Got some new gauges, tongue rings, nipple rings 😉 and… I got my industrial done!! So some jewelry for that sucker!  I’ve been going to school, which has been fun and such. Just had my first test of the semester on wednesday. We’ll see how i did next week or so ( hope i at least got a c lol). I ordered some blankets from hot topic today. They are super epic.

Disney Kingdom Hearts Keyhole Throw - 349931 tell me you wouldn’t want that!! It rules! And also a gears of war one. Black blanket with the symbol on it in huge red “blood” 🙂 Gears Of War 3 Throw Blanket so awesomeness!!! only 11 dollars for each 🙂 so that made me happy. It has been raining here so I made some tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches today!

So wow life! I have transferred servers to be in a raiding guild!! So now a lot all of my time is raiding!! But we are on nefarian and the other day we got him to 8 percent -.-

damn you!!!

I really enjoy raiding, and all the epix so I dont mind. its just really hard when parents, and friends don’t understand livin the wow life.


ahhhh.. well…. gonna get some water. write more later 🙂

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