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Stripping vs. Camming vs. Peepshows


By Bobbia Mars / 6 years ago / In: General ,

Bobbia Mars

Bobbia Mars

It really surprises me how few camgirls have ‘worked the pole’ for a living!   I myself regularly go back and forth between stripping, camming and peepshows so I guess you can say I’m pretty well-rounded…   ;D   So for anyone who is curious here’s a little rundown of some differences between the three from my perspective.


In a strip club: Some clubs let you come in and work whenever you want, some have a mandatory minimum number of shifts that you have to work a week, some have a maximum number of shifts you can work a week, some will only let you work weekends if you work on a Sunday or Monday, some give different rules to different girls, some will let you leave early and/or come in late, some will fire you for that, some will let you leave and come back during your shift(like to grab something to eat or run errands), some forbid it, some clubs are accepting of drug use, some will have the bathroom stall doors removed because they have a no drug policy and want to make sure that absolutely nothing is going on(Personally I consider the latter not only a violation to the girls who don’t do drugs but it’s also ineffective because it just makes the girls who do do drugs sneakier!    Trust me, no matter what they WILL find a way!).  The length of the shifts varies from club to club as well, they’re usually between 4-8 hours but I do know of dancers who do 3 hour shifts, I also know some dancers who will do two shifts in a row which can mean 16 hour shifts!   I think my longest shift in a strip club was 10 hours.

In a peepshow:
Their scheduling rules range like those of strip clubs.    Different from establishment to establishment and girl to girl.

Camming: Some sites require that their models cam for a minimum amount of hours a month/week/whatever, some don’t.    How strict they are with those requirements differs from site to site.   I assume that the overwhelming amount of camsites allow girls to completely make their own schedule.

What a shift is like

In a strip club:
In one word: grueling!   It’s not as glamorous and effortless as it looks on TV folks, stripping is hard work.   And I don’t mean the time spent on stage, that’s the easy part!   Besides, some girls pay to not go on stage(since they feel like they’re missing out on bigger money by not being out on the main floor selling lapdances) and some clubs have so many girls working that you may never get a chance to even go on stage!    It can be psychologically grueling in that you will usually have to do all of the approaching and selling.    Every man is different and girls who are able to quickly figure out how to work different personality types are often the ones who make the most money, just like with any other sales job.    And for the girls who don’t?   You better hope that you’re so hot that guys will be approaching you instead of the other way around!   It’s physically grueling in that you’re on your feet, in heels, the whole time.   Even when you’re lap dancing, it’s very physical and quite the workout.

In a peepshow: Piece of cake!   You usually sit in a booth for your entire shift.    Small beds are built into the booths so you can even lay down if you want and we bring our own blankets and pillows in.   Some girls will close their doors and take naps if they’re particularly tired that shift.   Some girls accidentally fall asleep in their booths!   Since peepshows are often located inside of adult stores and arcades customers will be walking by all day and if they would like a show from you they’ll approach you.    We call our peepshow the Stripper Retirement Home lol!   There tends to be a lot of downtime, so bring a magazine or your laptop or whatever you want.   We usually bring food too and will chow down in our booths no problem.   And if you’re working with your friends?   It’s like a little party!

Camming: Another piece of cake!   Chilling at home!

Social Stigma

As a stripper:
Strippers unfortunately get a lot of heat for doing what they do.   If you’re a stripper you’re probably not going to be very honest about what you for a living because you will instantly be stereotyped and in a very negative way.    Women will usually get defensive and assault your character out of jealousy and men will usually automatically assume you’re easy.    People will instantly assume that you’re a drug addict and come from a broken home.

As a peepshow girl: DON’T TELL ANYONE WHAT YOU DO FOR A LIVING.   NO ONE.   I MEAN IT!   If you think people are harsh on strippers they won’t even be able to even think about wrapping their heads around a girl that willingly sees men masturbate to them all day.   Which is a shame because this is probably my favorite job!   I absolutely love it.  But you better believe I keep it on the DL….

As a cam girl: I don’t know that there’s a ‘cam girl stereotype’ but I imagine people would react to a someone they knew was a cam girl the same way they’d react to someone they knew was a stripper.

Like this:

  • Hannah CWH

    this was an awesome blog post!! really interesting

  • admin

    yay you did it…great article!

  • Interesting….. I have worked as a stripper (am thinking about going back), I am considering webcaming, and have never even thought about the peep show thing. Definitely food for thought! Thanks!

  • Just curious what’s expected of you in camming? I’m a stripper, and I have a basic understanding of peepshows… but camming is still a world full of questions for me concerning expectations and privacy.