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Super Bowl!!!


By Metalfreak / 6 years ago / In: Articles ,



We are only a  few hours away from the great mega event known as the Super Bowl! I got a chance to ask two well known people in the world of CWH why they think their team is going to win. Those two people were the amazingly sexy CWH model Shanelle, and fellow mod Jerry aka STeeLeRMaN. Those two have been  having a little friendly rivalry on the forum, so I thought, why not get it in blog form? Enjoy!

Den: You seem pretty confident that your beloved Pack are going to win the Super Bowl. How many points do you think they will be up over the Steelers when it’s all said and done?

Shanelle: I am guessing the final will be 41-21.  I think it will be a close game I mean its the SuperBowl and these two teams are the best in the league so it will be a good game. BUT the PACK will definitely cover their 2.5 point spread!

Den: Which key players do the Steelers need to look out for?

Shanelle: Key players?  See that is what is so great about the PACK.  Beginning of the season we would have said Jennings, Finely, Grant.  Middle of the season perhaps Jackson, Clifton, Kuhn, Bishop.  Playoffs we have had Shields, Williams, Raji, Driver, etc.  But of course watch out for Rodgers and Matthews!  Plain and simple our entire team has something so be ready for ANYTHING from us today!

Den: Do you have any smack talk for Jerry, and any other Steeler fans?

Shanelle: Well its really pretty self explanatory Jerry (and any of you other poor Steelers fans) this is the SuperBowl!  The best of the best.  The Packers have come through and conquered when no one thought we could.  6 game winning streak – winning three unlikely games on the road in the playoffs.  We have played with second and third string players moving people from one position to another.  We ARE Americans team and we will be bring back the Lombardi trophy to title town.  You are just second rate Steers – so prep those towlets for lots of crying when we are finished with you.  GO PACK GO!!!!

Den: Judging by statistics the Steelers have the upper hand. They have a better win/loss record, and they’ve won more Super Bowls then any other team in the NFL. Do you think those statistics will play a large part in this game?

Jerry: Actually, the Steelers are 2-1/2 point underdogs even though we have the better record and have more experience in Superbowls.  The Steelers actually like being the underdog.  Even if we were favored, I don’t think the stats mean too much.  It’s a game where anything can happen.  The refs can make bad calls.  A key player can get injured.  You just have to accept the end result.  I just know that the Steelers have a very physical defense who takes pride in playing with controlled violence.  Our offense isn’t pretty, but they always pull through in the end.

Den: Which Key players do the Packers need to watch out for?

Jerry: There are several.

Lamarr Woodley & James Harrison (outside linebackers) – they’re one of the best IF NOT THE BEST outside linebacker tandems in the league.  They’ve gotten to the quarterback 20.5 times during the regular season.  They’re both powerful & fast.  One good hit from either could send Mr. Rodgers to la-la land.

Ben Roethlisberger (quarterback) – Love him or hate him, he’s a guy that can extend plays with his arm and legs.  He is a big guy who will be difficult to bring down.  Plus the guy is tough.  He finished a regular season game this year on a broken foot & nose.  Plus the guy is clutch in 2-minute drives in the fourth quarter.

Rashard Mendenhall (running back) – He is a bulldozer with speed.  He is a runner who can catch balls out of the backfield.  He had a great game against the Jets this post-season and I feel that he is going to be our offensive X-factor.

Troy Polamalu (strong safety) – He’s second in the league in interceptions.  The man has a nose for the football.  He always manages to be in the right place and has made several game changing plays throughout the season.  I expect nothing less from the man Superbowl Sunday.

Den: What do you think the final score will be?

Jerry: I think Green Bay will break a few big plays on our corners, but in the end, I think our running game and defense will bury them in the end.  Final score: Steelers 32 Packtards 17.

Den: Do you have any smack talk for Shanelle, or any other Packer fans on the forum?

Jerry: Of course I do.  The Packtards are like a 12 year old boy with a hard on.  They’re excited to be in the Superbowl, but we all know they’re going to putter out quick in the end.  Go ahead and keep hating on the Steelers, we’ll just keep smiling on the stairway to SEVEN!!

Here are some other predictions from other camgirls, mods, and members………a couple are a little exaggerated:

ktj4l: Packers  27 – Steelers 24

SUNKOSHI: Packers 31 Steelers 27

Shocker4343: Packers 21-Steelers 13

Kaylee: Packers 31 – Steelers 24

xShadow781: Packers

PJJ(Corporal Delusion-O): Packers 70 Steels 2

Hannah: Packers 10000000000 Steelers -2

stu84: Packers

davwat: He doesn’t care who wins. He just wants it to come out 7 – 7.

Evan(Three-Peat): N/A……He hates both teams.

ads: I’m guessing Steelers, since he told Shanelle she’s going down.

versus: Packers 17 – Steelers 11

Me(Metalfreak/Den): Steelers 27 – Packers 20

If we go by past Super Bowl history the Steelers probably have the upper hand since they have won more Super Bowls then any other team, but the Packers won the first 2 Super Bowls, and both teams have only lost 1 Super Bowl.

Will past Super Bowl experiences of each team play a card in the bout? We’ll see tonight.

Like this:

  • Kaylee

    Please note that I had the closest score. BOO YAH! lol 🙂