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One, Two, Gianna’s coming for you…and she’s busting out the fetishes. YAY!


By Metalfreak / 6 years ago / In: Articles ,



(Insert Awesome Intro Here)…..Just kidding hahaha. My creativity has been lacking recently so lets keep this short, simple, but stronger than a pimple.  ICGirls is home to a plethora of gorgeous, and sexy women like Gianna. We got down and dirty. Talking about what turns her on, strange camming experiences, and which celebrity she wants to viciously slam through a table.

Den: For the people who don’t know much about you, who is Gianna?

Gianna: I am a recent addition to the world of camming, a sexy social butterfly who loves to show off! I am an East Coast girl with West Coast values.

Den: What are some things about a guy that gets you really turned on?

Gianna: Mentally, I like a guy who is intelligent, well-mannered and has an awesome sense of humor. Despite these redeeming qualities, he shouldn’t take himself too seriously.

Physically, I am attracted to guys who are tall, “thick” (read: more muscle than fat) and clean-cut. Think the boy-turned-contractor next door!

Den: What things about a guy can completely turn you off?

Gianna: Bad breath/B.O., bad grooming skills, smoking, rudeness, acting clingy or distant, apathy and a pessimistic attitude!

Den: What are some things that really get under your skin?

Gianna: Animal and child abuse, thugs and “gangstas”, overtly judgemental people.

Den: Besides struttin’ your stuff on cam, what are some things you enjoy doing in your free time?

Gianna: My favorite thing to do in my free time is cook! I looove cooking healthy and delicious meals, and I have a cookbook collection like WOAH. I also like to read, take Spin classes, and take care of my black furry “son” Reagan.

Den: I’ve seen on the forums that you like video games. What are some games that you love playing?

Gianna: I’m a big fan of Dance Dance Revolution, I usually play it on PS2 or XBox. I’m also a HUGE Star Wars nerd, so I will play any Star Wars game I can get a hold of. I think SW Battlefront for Xbox is one of my favorites, though.

Den: Why did you start camming?

Gianna: To make some money, to meet new people, and as an um…outlet for my desire to be nekkid.

Den: How did you find out about this breathtaking wonderland of nakedness?

Gianna: Through an ex-boyfriend of mine. He said I would be perfect for this site, and here I am!

Den: Has any of your customers asked you to do something you thought was really strange?

Gianna: I think the strangest one yet has been the guy who asked me to talk dirty to him while he and his friend jerked each other off.

Den: Anything humorous ever happened when you were on cam?

Gianna: My dog will occasionally nose his way into the room and end up accidentally on cam. Sometimes a guy will say something outlandishly funny and I will end up laughing so hard I start snorting.

Den: When you’re getting hot and steamy, what do you usually listen too?

Gianna: I’m into Industrial, Metal and Rock music for getting down in it.

Den: What type of music really turns you off?

Gianna: Most newer Hip-Hop/Rap music. Sorry, just not my thing.

Den: What movies really “flip your switch?” If you mention a porno, you’re disqualified! Hehehe JK

Gianna: Horror and Sci-Fi movies really get me revved. There’s nothing like jumping into the arms of your lover when a scary scene comes on…

Den: If you had to pick one favorite position in the bedroom, what would it be?

Gianna: I think my absolute favorite is Reverse Cowgirl: great sensation, and my partner gets a view of my fantastic ass.

Den: If you were able to kidnap a camgirl for a day, who would you pick?

Gianna: I wish I could kidnap ALL of them , but if I were to pick one it would have to be Angelina. She is soo sweet, and we seem a lot alike!

Den: Besides sex, what topic of conversation really gets you going?

Gianna: I love to have a good conversation about philosophical and religious ideal. I also enjoy talking to others about their pets!

Den: I mentioned in my past interview that I’m a huge wrestling fan. So if you could slam anyone through a flaming barbed wired table, who would you choose?

Gianna: Sarah Palin, definitely.

Dem: I’m glad I got the chance to do this with you. Any last words for all of the horny people out there?

Gianna: Just an FYI boys, fetishes are my specialty…and they get me so turned on! Some of my favorites include sub/dom, foot worship and bondage.

She likes horror movies, video games, industrial music, metal, hates Sarah Palin, and most modern hip hop. It’s like I was interviewing myself……hahahaha

Like this:

  • Angelina

    I loved your interview!!! It’s a bit uncanny how much we have in common!

  • Gianna Love

    Thank you lady! 😉 I enjoyed the Q’s, you should do an interview just for the hell of it.