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i eat cute things


By Hannah / 6 years ago / In: General , Pictures ,



I went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant the other day! They have amazing food and the restaurant is so cozy. It also overlooks a bunch of trees which is beautiful! I’m a tree fan.
I was looking forward to eating there all day so I only had a bowl of cereal for my daily food consumption. I had to really pace myself with the wine because I was gettin tiiiiipsy and we hadn’t even had our appetizers yet lol. It was so good though, I don’t usually LOVE wine but it was great. I don’t know if I was feeling adventurous or it was the wine talking, but I decided to get the special: venison. I’ve never had it before but was excited to try it. I had duck for the first time at this restaurant too and I loved it. They make pretty much everything delicious so I’m not afraid of trying new things there hahaha.
It. was. amaaazing. Again, I don’t know if it was just the wine lol but I loved it!! I was like beaming with my entree choice, so glad I tried it.

I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner experience, HOWEVER. I woke up that night around 3 am super sick and barfing. I was confused because though I did drink a lot, I didn’t think it was enough for me to be sick. I pretty much never throw up from drinking, I can’t even remember the last time. I headed back to bed feeling better, only to be woken up an hour later with more of the same. At this point I was wondering if the food made me sick.. and after yet another episode of this bed-sleep-wake up vomiting I realized it was viral. Apparently I was recently at a birthday party where someone had it, and it took a few days to work it’s way in. That day was awful. I was so exhausted and dehydrated that my fingertips were numb/tingling and I could hardly move my hands and fingers. I opened my laptop and I couldn’t type. Well, I could but it was taking forever and I felt half dead. Anyway.. the next few days I was still pretty exhausted but I’m better now. However, I have infected 2 more people and who knows who else lol. EVIL CONTAGIOUS STUFF GET OUTTA HEE

AAAAAAAnyway I am in desperate need of new outfits if anyone wants to help out 🙂
Thanks to a certain few who have recently helped 😉 you know who you are! <3 <3 <3 <3

I won't object if you'd rather gift me the Xbox with Kinect or Little Big Planet 2

Like this:

  • JohnnyB

    Your fav restaurant.. wweee thats awesome 🙂 Sounds like you really had great dinner yummy foods and enjoyable drinks. Also trees do make a nice view.
    There are lots of wines, there and looks like it was just about the right wine.

    I feel sorry for all the yummy found had leave the wrong exit. My limit depends on the drinks what i consume. What a awfull experience you went through.That all is already in the past, and you are better now which is great! I’m glad your fingers are back to normal now 🙂

    These pictures are so lovely

    C’mon guys, help the gorgeous Hannah out

  • Angelina

    You look so pretty!!