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Hola mi amigos


By Femme / 6 years ago / In: General ,



I hope everyone is doing well, and perhaps staying away from the flu bug and other nasty bugs. I recently had my own run in… I woke up about a week ago feeling totally sick. Really sore throat and achy achy body… which was the worst part. So, I relaxed that day, then woke up the next morning only to find the same feeling of awfulness. So, I went to the doctor. He gave me a strep test, and a flu test, both of which were negative. So, he gave me antibiotics to take because I might have some sort of other “viral” sickness. However, antibiotics can’t heal “viruses” and so I question him on that… he says it’s to cover all bases. I get his reasoning, but there is also the reason I have not to take it called “antibiotic resistance.” Why is it that I seem to know more about, or at least have more common sense than the doctor on this subject? It seems like rather lousy, lazy detective work to me. I didn’t take the antibiotics, but I did wake up feeling better a couple mornings later. It definitely wasn’t a regular cold. I haven’t become congested or coughed at all…. weird. I woke up again yesterday morning and felt icky,  but feel better again this morning… I am begining to think somethign in my apartment is making me sick. :/ Good thing I’m moving in a few weeks! 😀 Speaking of, WOW I have a lot to do, why am I talking to you?! 😉


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