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My Weekend <3


By Nina / 6 years ago / In: General ,



Hey everyone!!

I hope u all had a wonderful weekend :DMy friend’s girlfriend came by for the week as a last minute surprise type thing and so we had an unplanned party on Friday on her day of arrival! It was a blast and im starting to hope that all my parties are unplanned hehe! On one of my blogs I was complaining about how expensive having one is, but everyone who came by just brought their own drinks and we all chipped in for food. My friends went to Niagara falls on Saturday and I had to work, so I stayed behindΒ  πŸ™ I was asked if my friend’s girlfriend can stay the week and I said no because it would make it difficult to hide what i do here and I like my privacy, I wanna do the things u usually dont do around guest like walk around in ur undies, eat peanut butter from the jar, go to the bathroom without wondering if anyone can hear… u know what I mean!

I agreed to Sunday night and Monday night, I was in shock when she came in with bags of food, cleaning and making awesome food! I feel so guilty for saying she can stay for two days only… I hope she doesnt think that I dont like her or anything like that. I have to cam and if it wasnt so last minute I could’ve saved some $$$ aside so I wouldnt have to work as much. Another thing too is that my brother doesnt know her at all and neither do I, so he doesnt want her left alone while we both work! I love camming, but this is one of the reasons I dont lol.

Netflix drained my internet, so whatever I use from now till Tuesday will be an added cost, so I guess its not a bad thing that she came by lol. I have my brother’s net as back up, but he cant find his log in booo! I wont be around much till Tuesday, so just an FYI πŸ™‚ Heres some eye candy to keep u going till then πŸ˜€

Have a good monday…. if thats possible πŸ˜›

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