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NNC/NAC’s Sica is now releasing the goods!


By Metalfreak / 6 years ago / In: Articles ,



With the recent cold weather, and severe blizzards, what better way to warm up then getting into the mind of sexy ICGirls model Sica. Whether she is camming it up, playing video games, or posting on the forums, theirs a reason they call her Sicalicious.

Den: “Who is the sexy young lady that is “Sica”?”

Sica: “I’m a recently turned 20 year old who recently moved to Ohio! I’m short and petite but I just like to think of that as being funsized. People think I’m either a sweetheart or a bitch, but I’m actually just a sweet girl who is tired of having people walk all over her. I have a very sarcastic humor, and sometimes a sick and twisted one as well. I can be very crude. I can be very honest. I’m blunt to a point… some people take it the wrong way, others appreciate it’s rarity. I don’t know what else to say about me, lol.”

Den: “What things in a guy turn you on?”

Sica: “I love a tall strong man who knows who he is and what he wants and knows how to treat a lady and be rough with her in the bedroom and dominate yet sweet and caring and generous all the time aswell. To love me more than anything omg what a turn on =^.^=”

Den: “What things in a guy turn you off?”

Sica: “I hate bad hygeinie, rude manners, pessimistic, psycho, abuser, liar, inconsiderate, douchebag assholes. lol”

Den: “What are some of your biggest pet peeves?”

Sica: “Some of my big pet peeves are –
Rude table manners which include; scraping silverware on plates, biting or chomping on spoons or scraping teeth on forks, slurping drinks, smacking food, making this weird clicking noise with your teeth and breathing funny while you eat.. ugh.

Dirtying something up and not cleaning it back up after I -just- cleaned it. Fuck you assholes!

When people call me a liar. HATE IT. IM NOT A LIAR. lol that’s the quickest way to just piss me off.

Double standards, or, if there are double standards, and I respect it , and the other person doesn’t want to make a compromise on it.. that’s fucked up.”

Den: “Besides camming it up, what are some of your favorite hobbies?”

“Besides camming, I like to draw, sing, videogames, eat food (go out to restaurants) and yeah that’s about it.. I’m pretty boring outside of camming. Haha”

Den: “You told me that you’ve been camming for 2 years. What made you want to start camming?”

Sica: “I started camming actually 3 years ago, I was 17 about to turn 18 and I was on stickam teasing guys, and then someone mentioned when I turn 18 I join CWH and make money off it. I was on CWH for 3/4 of that year, quit for a while, ventured around to other places after I took a break from camming for a few months, but with a lead of events, ended up back here. I have to say though this place is the best out of all of them, and I’m definitely happy that fate has led me back here.”

Den: “Has anything changed since you joined?”

Sica: “Things have definitely changed on CWH since I left and came back, I look and act differently because I’ve grown, and the members that I used to know have gone and some have stayed but aren’t as active. It’s kind of sad because I was expecting so many of my old friends to be here to welcome me and be all excited cause I’m topless now, but now there are all these new people on the boards who I can get to meet and see what makes them tick and get to know them on a personal level, so it adds a challenge to it all and is fun. I hope that all the new people who didn’t know me before get to know me and like me, and I hope that all the old people I knew who maybe didn’t like how I used to be take the opportunity to get to know the new me, because it’s definitely worth it.”

Den: “Has anyone asked you do something on cam you thought was kind of awkward?”

Sica: “I have been asked to do weird things, I usually ignore requests like that, but one time I atleast -tried- to, to say the least, I didn’t do it again, because the guy was asking me to say and do things that was against my morals and I was like “eww” when he asked me too.. haha. Can’t go into full details publically for that person’s privacy but yeah, strange to say the least.”

Den: “Has anything funny ever happened to you on cam?”

Sica: “My candle caught on fire once but that was pretty scary (Yeah like the wax caught on fire and the flame was like six inches tall) and one time I almost fell flat on my face, haha.”

Den: “You said you like video games. What are some of your favorite games of all time?”

Sica: “I love Oblivion, Saints Row 2, Red Dead Redemption, Tomb Raider, Donkey Kong Country, Conkers Bad Fur Day, Killer Instinct, The Sims 2, Dead or Alive 3 and Xtreme Beach Volleyball 1, and yes, Playstation Home!”

Den: “Xbox 360 or PS3?”

Sica: “It doesn’t matter what console it’s on as long as I like it… although I ended up buying most of my games on PS3 if I could because I had more friends on PS3 than I did on Xbox… plus PS3 has Playstation Home and I don’t care what anyone says I love that thing I think it’s the fucking shit, I’ve spent over $200 on stuff for my avatar on there, I wish I had another PS3 so I could play it again.”

Den: “What do you tend to listen to when you’re unleashing your naughty side?”

Sica: “When I’m unleashing my naughty side I love to rock out to classic grunge late 80’s early 90’s rock, that’s just it general, although there are a few select songs I love to dance to to feel sexy a few for examples are Change- Deftones, NIN & Garbage mashup Crushingly Close, Orgy – Stitches, Jack off Jill – Touch Myself, and many more eerie yet sexy songs haha. Or atleast I find those sexy.”

Den: “Is their any type of music that you can’t stand?”

Sica: “I listen to many genres of music and can usually find something I like in every genre although I have to say that I find it difficult when listening to country, SUPER heavy death metal where they’re screaming so hard I can’t understand what they’re singing, ridiculous rap with an awful beat and rapping about stupid rims on their cars and all the ho’s they are fuckin, yeah that’s lame, and I also usually find it difficult to like house music, it’s to repetive most of the time.”

Den: “Are their any movies, besides pornos that get you so hot you erupt like a volcano?”

Sica: “I actually don’t like porn! I used to… working on liking it again but I’ve had issues in the recent past with my ex that just make it really difficult to enjoy it anymore, but movies that make me hot are when it’s an action move with blow up scenes and there is the cliche couple who start off by hating each other’s guts but then in the end when they’re both cut up, bleeding, dirty and sweaty from the action of the movie they end up kissing passionately and end up fucking and then are together at the end of the movie, I really like those. It lets my imagination run wild and I get excited and usually think in my head “OMG I WISH THIS WAS MY LIFE!” lol.”

Den: “What is your favorite sexual position?”

Sica: “I like all sex positions but my least favorite one is reverse cowgirl… I like to look at my partner and that just makes it hard to do and it honestly doesn’t feel that great at all for me.”

Den: “If you could take home a fellow camgirl, who would it be?”

Sica: “If I could take a fellow camgirl home it’d be hard to pick one! I’d want a bunch of girls so I could have a girl’s night out and then just come back home and we all hang out and have a good time! I don’t have any girlfriends in real life but the ones I feel I could relate to the most or get along with the most from here are definitely for sure Nina and Kyra, Nina is always there for me and is adorable and genuine, and Kyra is honest and funny and I know she’d give her advice if I ever needed it and I’m sure both of those two girls would be a blast to hang with. I’d like to hang with Coley too even though she’s not an active model cause she’s funny, and Exquisite would be cool to hang with cause you’d know she’d have your back and she is a sweetheart.”

Den: “I see you on the forums almost everyday. What topics do you like talking about the most?…..Besides sex. Hahaha”

Sica: “Yes, I’m always on the forums! I love talking about food, videogames, sex, and I love just talking about anything random that sparks my interest. I try to avoid the political and religious boards though, way to much debate for me.”

Den: “I’m a huge pro wrestling fan, so I have to ask this. Is their any member of the forum you want to put in a sleeperhold? Hahaha”

Sica: “I’d put you in a sleeperhold  because you’d like it. 🙂

Den: “Thank you so much for letting me do this interview. Do you have any last words for your admirers? And, do I win?”

Sica: “I am not sure what you’re winning…

and my last words to my admirers are :

Keep in touch, things are just going to get better with me! <3”

As you can tell, my attempt at winning was an EPIC FAIL! Hahaha I’m such a dork.

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  • bphface

    Nicely done, sir. 🙂 Glad to know more about you, Sica.