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By Kaylee / 6 years ago / In: General ,



AHH!! There is so much stuff to do, my head just wants to EXPLODE. I have been so busy, yet sometimes I have nothing to show for it!

Holiday’s for me means:
1. Stress over money.
2. Last minute shopping.
3. Lots of family to visit.
4. Baking.
5. Parties.
6. Cleaning.
7. Packing.

That’s about it, minus a few gifts I get here and there lol. BUT, I of course have to make things more complicated and I have been focusing on organizing my house, which means I want to keep organizing things on my computer. Yes, I’m still doing that. No, I don’t think I’ll ever finish!!!

So, I am going to make New Years Resolutions this year. I am determined to make a list that I can follow and achievable goals so I don’t feel like a failure LOL. I need to start doing SOMETHING to make some changes in my life because I feel like I’m unhappy a lot of times and have absolutely no reason to feel that way. Kinda pathetic, really.

Okay, just wanted to say Hi. I need to get back to my stuff now. Gonna make a list of things to do because I don’t want to get stuck doing it last minute like i tend to do!

Good news is, though, I just did a deep clean (my winter cleaning) like 2? weeks ago, so my cleaning before I leave for family — I WILL BE GONE FOR A WEEK! WON’T BE BACK UNTIL JAN! — will just be things that build up everyday like laundry, dishes, vacuum, and pick up clutter around the house. Not too bad, I guess i’m just feeling overwhelmed and making it harder on myself by trying to do other things, as well.


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