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By Lizzy / 6 years ago / In: Entertainment , Events , General



so far its been an awesome week. my cold is slowly but surely going away, and i feel much better today. i must have slept well. sunday night i saw some awesome metal. went to support my ex’s band kahana. and i was highly impressed with them, for it only being their first show. but they’re all old pros at this shit now. haha. it was good seeing the old gang, and im glad they’re all getting to know the new people in my life too. they opened for the prescription and gloominous doom who are touring together. good people. and they both put on an amazing show. yeah, the singer of gloom doom. has a fake leg which he plays the cowbell on. so brutal. lmao. i hear at bar shows he takes it off and drinks beer out of it…i will get pictures of this when it happens. unfortunately this was an all age show…no alchy.

monday night i had to go into work just to do the fucking window displays and i was sick as shit. slept in tuesday. then went to another show. missed the opening bands. then there was this acoustic dude called anniversary club and he was really good. real chill dude too. then alive in the moment went on and kids got rowdy. circle pit! afterwards am taxi played, followed by white wives. they’re on tour together. im pretty sure that white wives is now one of my new favorite bands. they tore shit up. so much energy! three guitarists, and three singers…two sets of toms…at the end of the show the signer had one of the toms on his head and was running around, then the stage was trashed. so awesome. got me a shirt and a poster. free button too. ahhh so much fun. even though my nose was running the whole time. its always so cold in there! after the show i went to the diner with the alive in the moment guys and their manager type person. love all those guys. <3

his morning was wonderful. someone is actually taking advantage of my little coffee maker and im enjoying the fresh coffee very much. tonight should be a little less eventful, considering i have to work at 8am tomorrow, and im still trying to recover fully from this cold. but we shall see.

now, i need to get some food in my belly. laters.

<3 lizzy!

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