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Viva Mexico!


By Jenna / 6 years ago / In: General ,



Hey there, guys! So, this is beginning of Week 2 of being healthy! So far, so good. The first week was pretty much hell up until Thursday, mainly due to withdrawal from so much sugar and caffeine. But now, I feel awesome. I have a lot more energy, because even when I was drinking sodas and whatnot, I was still kinda sluggish and all “meh” a lot. Now, I feel like I can take on the world, lol. Except sore muscles. But I’ve been taking protein to help with recovery and I am a huge bath lover so I take lots of hot baths and reading Harry Potter. I’m trying to finish the series by the time Deathly Hallows : Pt. 1 comes out. I’m going to go see Due Date with my roommates tonight after I go to the gym so I’m excited about that. I’m going to drool over RDJ the whole time. Oh and my area has been getting major cold fronts and so my allergies returned. Bah! But it’s sorta weird. Since I’m feeling healthier and whatnot, I don’t feel AS crappy as I did in September. It’s weird how changing what you eat/drink and exercise really does with your body. Since I’ve felt better, I don’t even crave Dr. Pepper, even on my cheat day. I’d rather drink green tea or put some crystal light in some water. Though I did have to dig out my mini fridge out of storage and put it in my bedroom, because one of the roommates (the only one I can’t stand most of the time), he tends to constantly take my water out of the fridge when I keep telling him not to! And by the time I want another cold water bottle, it’s all gone out of the fridge and I have to replace them, and then they keep disappearing! Laaaame. The other roommate keeps his water in his room though, and he’s a good guy he wouldn’t take my stuff without asking.

I’m pretty excited about the holidays coming up. Sorta. It’s going to be weird. I’m going to my hometown a few days before Thanksgiving (I usually go the day before). But I’m leaving earlier cause I need to spread my brother’s ashes on my mom’s grave. He wanted to be buried next to her, but both sides of her are already taken so this is pretty much the next best thing. I know he would be happy to be near her regardless. Then the night before Thanksgiving, my family always hold this huge party/turkey fry where everyone brings their turkey for my uncle to fry and beer and we all just hang out and have a good time. I consider this more of my thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family more than the actual day because it’s what we all like to do lol. Thennnnn one of my good friend’s birthday is in December.. She was originally thinking of going to Vegas but she decided on a cruise instead! I’ve already got half the money for the ticket (Thanks, brother! lol). I’m looking forward to it. I’ve never even been out of the country! It’s going to be a total girls weekend trip. Then for Christmas.. I have no friggin’ clue. Christmas plans usually happen at the last minute lol. Well, I guess that’s all for today! I need to finish cooking and then get ready to work out :3

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