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Being hit on by a blind man…


By Larissa Taylor / 6 years ago / In: Humor ,

Larissa Taylor

Larissa Taylor

I have nothing against the blind/handicap.  I just want to state that before I even begin writing this.  I can’t say that I haven’t been hit on at Walmart before, but I can say that I haven’t been hit on by a blind man before.  I must say it was the strangest thing I have ever encountered while shopping at Walmart.

I was shopping with my friend, Jenna, and we were having a conversation about one of our guy friends (who we think is totally gay, but trying to hide it…)

Our conversation about our (thought to be) gay friend carried on by the DVDs for about two mins, when all of a sudden, a man approached me with an awkward hello.  I’m quite used to being approached in public, and I thought I had seen everything, so when this guy walked up to me, I didn’t think much of it.  I slowly came to realize, though, that this guy was much different from the rest of the guys that approached me.  I glanced up at him after he greeted me and I immediately noticed he was wearing sunglasses.  Odd, I thought…what?  Does he think he’s cool?  I quickly checked the rest of him out and noticed he had a cane in the grasp of his right hand.  OMG, I thought, he’s blind!

I glanced over at Jenna briefly to catch the expression on her face.  Blank.  (Go figure.)  The man then said to me, “yes, I’m blind.”

(That made me feel pretty stupid.)

Me:  Yeah, I see that…

Guy:  Sometimes when you can’t see something, you really see it.

Me:  (nervous giggle) Yeah, sometimes.

Jenna:  Blank expression.

Guy:  I just wanted to tell you ladies that I think you are beautiful.

Me:  (confused as hell) Thank you?

Guy:  You’re welcome.  Now remember…you don’t need to see to see.

Me:  I don’t think I understand.

Guy:  Don’t worry.  You’ll see what I mean someday.

He then walked off leaving Jenna and I completely wigged out.  I have no idea what any of that was about…and of course Jenna didn’t have a clue.  All I do know is I’m staying away from Walmart for a little bit.  Who knows what’s next.  A person with no legs telling me I don’t need legs to really walk?

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