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Decisions decisions…….


By Bobbia Mars / 6 years ago / In: General ,

Bobbia Mars

Bobbia Mars

So I think I am moving out of my place for good on Wednesday—which means I only have tomorrow to get my car maintenance, do a shitload of laundry, pack everything else up that is here, have Goodwill come get my mattress and TV, drop off an end table and a vacuum to one friend, an amp to another , a CD player to another….  I’ll be at an animal park for most of Tuesday and I might be occupied with my friends for the rest of the day.   So yeah……   Oh, and I also need to arrange for my landlady to come check out my place so that I can get (some of)my security deposit back before I take off since I will have no address for her to ship it to.   🙁   I think that’s it?

I have no idea where I’m moving to…   A met a dude that I really liked in Dallas so I was gonna move there to be near him…. but I don’t like Dallas.   So now I’m like–is he gonna be worth living somewhere that I don’t love?   I’m considering moving somewhere that’s only a day’s drive from Dallas, that way I can take trips there to see him whenever I want.   I hear that Austin is a cool city, I might stop by and check it out.   I LOVE New Orleans, that’s a day’s drive.   But living in NOLA may not be as fun as visiting NOLA.   Also I’m spoiled from living within 3 blocks of the ocean…how can I ever go from that to being landlocked??    If it doesn’t work out with the dude I may just move to the Florida Keys.   Why not?   It’s just tricky because I’ve kinda gotta figure out where to set up home pretty quick.   Traveling with a cat and camming is going to get really annoying really quick while living in and out of hotels, I want to get settled quick.   Under pressure!

I’m gonna try to get in some good camtime while I’m sill here starting tonight.   Come check me out, I think I’ll put my fishnets back on they’re so fun!

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