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CWH’s exotic Veronica takes naughtiness to new levels!


By bphface / 6 years ago / In: Articles ,



With summer rapidly coming to an end and the cold days of winter creeping up on us, CamWithHer keeps things steamy with their increidble lineup of beautiful women.  For those looking for that little extra something special to keep you warm at night, it doesn’t get much better than our very own Veronica.  Her exotic Filippino looks combine with her New York attitude to make this fiesty pinay one of the crown jewels of the camming community.  We asked her to let us in on her inner secrets, from her S&M fetishes to being a Yankee fan.

Brian:  Thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions!  To borrow from the title of your dancing video, who is the “real” Veronica?

Veronica:  The real Veronica likes to have fun, spend time with friends and family, shop til I drop and chill out with friends and listen to MUSIC 24 hours a day..

Brian:  How did you end up as one of the lovely ladies of CWH?

Veronica:  The lovely Valentina recommended that I would do well on the website 🙂

Brian:  And how has the camming experience been so far?

Veronica:  Amazing. Everyone has good days and bad days.. but for the most part the CWH community is filled with very intelligent and classy models and customers alike 🙂

Brian:  I noticed Valentina helped you get settled in with some dual chats.  What was that like?

Veronica:  Insanity and sexual… can’t wait to do it again and drive you fellas lust CRAZY!

Brian:  What really gets you turned on in the p-chats?

Veronica:  Men and women who are straight to the point.. know what they want.. and are always open to trying new things and having fun naughty shows!

Brian:  And your favorite sexual activities in general?  Word has it you enjoy a little pain.

Veronica:  I love being choked, spanked, and little secret? (I would LOVE to someday have my own custom made black rhinestone collar for some S&M play)


Brian:  Any lesbian crushes on any of the other Camgirls?

Veronica:  Absolutely.. but we’ll keep that a secret 🙂

Brian:  Has your time at CWH made you naughtier than you were before?

Veronica:  I was BORN naughty baby.

Brian:  Besides fulfilling our wildest sexual fantasies, do you have any other talents?

Veronica:  I love to dance, create masterpieces with my photoshop skills for other models and do anything that allows me to express my creativity 🙂

Brian:  You’ve been pretty busy adding things to your Fan Club lately.  What should we look forward to?

Veronica:  Some VERY sexy HIGH RES professional XXX photos.. updated bi-weekly and sometimes even more frequently!!

Brian:  How many tattoos do you have now?

Veronica:  7… come find them 🙂

Brian:  Which one gets the most attention or comments?

Veronica:  My collarbone tattoo and my eyes/lips

Brian:  Are you in a New York state of mind?

Veronica:  Damn right… NYC all the way baby!

Brian:  Did you really used to be a go-go dancer?  I heard something about some big fuzzy white boots…

Veronica:  Yes I have danced as a gogo dancer for Hot Import Nights as well as many famous nightclubs in Manhatten 🙂

Brian:  How many pets do you have now?

Veronica:  1 beloved chinchilla

Brian:  What’s a Cholado?

Veronica:  A delicious colombian drink made with crushed ice.. sweet milk and fresh fruit topped with coconut

Brian:  Is Pepsi really better than Coke?

Veronica:  I prefer Pepsi.. but either is fine by me 😀

Brian:  Tell us what you really think of…

Derek Jeter
Veronica:  sex cat.

Veronica:  Horrifying creatures.

Veronica:  Love it. Hardcore only.. Lela Star and Jayna Oso FTW!

Veronica:  Taste the rainbow >=o)

Brian:  Tall, Grande, or Venti?

Veronica:  Tall cinnamon dolce latte with soy

Brian:  So you’re out for a night on the town.  Who’s with you, what are you wearing, and where are you going?

Veronica:  Valentina and my sexy gf’s.. and we’re going to a sushi spot and then out for a few drinks at a low key lounge

Brian:  And what do you do afterwards?

Veronica:  Advil. Sleep.

Brian:  What’s with the Storm Trooper pics?

Veronica:  Wouldn’t you like to know? Hehehe

Brian:  Are you still thinking of making a BJ video?

Veronica:  Possibly if someone buys me a nice new dildo or two off my wishlist 😀 (hint hint)

Brian:  Anything else you’d like to say to your current or future adoring fans?

Veronica:  LOVE YOU GUYS!! P.S. I just recently learned how to squirt… just thought I’d add that in 🙂

If you’re up for an expedition, stop by Veronica’s chatroom to search every inch of her gorgeous body for her seven tattoos – and discover all the hidden treasures along the way!  Start your journey at CamWithHer, ICGirls, and NudeAdultCams.

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