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sunday funday


By Lizzy / 6 years ago / In: Free Content , General , P-Chats



its been a while…i seem to be getting caught up with life a lot lately. can’t complain about that! work has kind of been kicking my ass though. i’ve been working 6am shifts almost everyday for the past two weeks. its nice because i have the whole rest of the day to do whatever i want, but its sucks cuz all i want to do is sleep! haha. this week i work all 12-5 shifts so i can sleep in and stay out late! its a win win. i want to be on cam a lot more but i can never figure out a schedule that works around everything else. i know, i suck. : ( anyways, this weekend has been pretty enjoyable so far. friday night i went to see my friends band play. it was pretty chill. just got to hang out with everybody. last night was rodeo night at the bar, and i got to ride a mechanical bull! it was pretty fun, but it kicked my ass…i think i only lasted like ten seconds. lol. i had to leave early though…i wanted to get enough sleep cuz i had to be at work at six the next day. i went to sleep around 11:30 i think. it turned out not to matter because i overslept anyways and ended up missing my entire shift! nobody called me or anything…so i guess they didn’t really need me. ha. i called a bit later and explained and everything seems to be fine. o well. i just exercised and im about to hop in the shower. i have no plans for the rest of the day until 10pm…so any suggestions on what i should do? tehe. maybe i’ll even be online today! omg! later on boys.

<3 lizzy!

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