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Hello Mortals<3


By Nina / 6 years ago / In: General ,



Yesterday was my lazy day and it felt GREAT! Usually I end up being emo about being unproductive, it took me awhile to learn the true art of *relaxing* It began with overdosing on sleep, than I didnt comb my hair and had no makeup… scary? Yes indeed it was. I played video games, I did do laundry… but I didnt fold it, I just created afew mountains I’ll have to climb on later. I played L4D not online though, even though I have a live account we just linked the games together… Lan party! I had sooo much fun taking turns playing the infected, im curious to see how part 2 is, but I’ll need to rent it since we need two games. Everyone always bugged me to get onto live and that games will never be the same until u get on live and its true! I hope it doesnt get in the way too much of my daily duties!

Today I slept in since I went to bed at 6am and had a lot of weird dreams! I had a dream that my toilet was clogged with a pillow and wondering “who the fuck put a pillow in here????”, than I had one where i was going down the escalator and someones foot was stuck inside of it! The step I was on had bloody toes sticking out 🙁 and lastly I was walking around the city and was constantly being harassed by dirty, old men with no teeth! WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN??????

Breakfast is the hardest meal of the day for me to eat, I NEED to eat breakfast or else I feel weak! Its hard because I’ve eaten so much breakfast foods in my life that im bored of them all! Pancakes, cereal, scrambled eggs, eggos… im sick of them! So I’ve been making sandwiches in the morning, but I had no bread… so i resorted to noodles! Which reminds me im craving a pita tonight, so i need some bread 🙂 Hope u all had a great weekend <3

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